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Welcome to the fall


Hallow be to all we see
As autumn comes our way
When evenings they grow shorter
To cloak the light of day
When ripened fruit will bow the branch
And winds will make them fall
And fields of gold are sowed again
Where once it grew so tall

And migrant birds have left our shores
Before our winters chill
And trees bear colours to their leaves
Like a technicolour frill
Of orange, yellows, brown’s, and reds
Mingling among the greens
A merge of colours fluttering in the sun
Creating artful dreams

And the ripened berries plucked
To grace our table needs
And those that rot upon the ground
Will sow as next year’s seeds
And the wind will have a cooler breath
As it blows upon the earth
And the falling leaves will fertilise
To revitalise new birth

For in autumn it prepares the way
For the new growth in the spring
Putting seeds in hibernation
In advance of what winter brings
For the harvests are all gathered
Providing food for all
And this procedure will repeat each year
When the autumn leaves will fall

By Tony Gorman

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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    An Artists Gift

    In nature’s way of creating art
    At dawn it makes an early start
    It merges dark clouds with the bright
    And streaks the sky with pinks and white
    And in the meadows a softened mist
    Leaves dew drops on the plants it kissed
    And when the sun it starts to show
    It’s like an orb with its radiant glow
    And as it spreads out all its light
    It chases darkness out of sight
    Creating shadows like an artist’s touch
    An outline shade but not too much
    And blended colours of assortments glow
    On canvases where the flowers will show
    And trees with leaves of vibrant green
    Are captivating just as seen
    With fields of gold filled with harvest grains
    And hedges margining country lanes
    And reflections in rivers of clouds above
    An inspiring scene of nature’s love
    And into evening comes the dusk
    When dark encircles like a husk
    To encroach upon the light of day
    In a very artistic way
    The colours once again will blend
    In reverse as daylight comes to an end
    And the moon replaces the day’s sunlight
    And the stars will make the darkness bright
    Another canvas is needed so
    To paint the scene of the moonlight’s glow
    And into shadows we set our dreams
    Till the art of nature creates new scenes

  2. Jane Green says:

    Absolutely loved them. Thanks

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