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Ways To Boost Your Memory


Ways To Boost Your Memory

What is memory?

Memory is the process of storing and then recalling the information you have learnt. Memory encoding is a biological process which begins with perception through the senses.  When you think of the perceived item you wish to remember, you pay attention to this.  Attention is regulated by the thalamus and frontal lobe in the brain.  This then triggers neurons to work more frequently, which will allow the item to be encoded as a memory. The short term memory is when you recall a small amount of information in a recent and short period of time.  The long term memory is when you retain information for a longer period of time. Unlike the short term memory, it doesn’t have the propensity to decline over the years. It can retain and access a large amount of information over an extensive period of time.

I used to have a reasonably good short term memory, but as the years have gone by I have found that I need to work harder to remember facts, and even what I did yesterday sometimes! I decided to read about different techniques to enrich my short term memory.

Practice mindfulness and meditate to lower stress levels

When you feel stressed you live in the future or the past, but not in the present moment.  Practice mindfully living in the present moment.  Some people like to listen to their favourite music, others like to focus on a lit candle, or maybe even stroke your pet cat or dog.  All of these will bring you back to living in the present moment.  Meditating regularly can help to sharpen your mind, and enable you to focus more.

Deep breathing

Oxygen is vital for your brain cells. So deep breathing will help your brain power to improve.

Chewing gum

Scientists have discovered that chewing gum helps the thinking process and keeps you more alert.

Knitting and crocheting

Taking up knitting and crocheting are excellent ways of helping you to focus on intricate patterns and applying good hand-eye coordination.


Reading is imperative for increasing your brain power and improving your memory.  Reading intellectual books are especially beneficial for this.

Omega 3

Eating a diet that is high in omega 3 such as fish, nuts and seeds are conducive for your memory.  Eating berries and vegetables which are high in antioxidants are also useful for it.


Motivate yourself to take up a new hobby or course.  This will help to stimulate your brain by remembering new skills.


Creativity is essential for opening up different parts of your brain.  Try new activities and use your imagination, whether it is cooking a new recipe, writing a story, or taking up a hobby like pottery.  Be enthusiastic about exploring different options to develop your creativity.

Don’t drink or take drugs

It is inadvisable to use drugs or drink alcohol as these are detrimental for your short term memory.  They are toxic for your brain and your body.

Use the alphabet

It can be helpful to go through the alphabet if you can’t remember a person’s name.  When you go through it letter by letter, the person’s name will usually come to mind.

Talk aloud

Talking loudly to yourself can be useful if you tend to forget where you place items.  Say aloud ‘I am going to leave my glasses on the kitchen table’.  This will make your mind aware that you need to remember this item.

Memory training games

Playing online memory training games like Luminosity is useful for your memory, and it can also be a lot of fun.


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