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Ways of Handling the Sun this Summer

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Ways of Handling the Sun this Summer

The Irish Times reported that on Tuesday the highest temperatures in the past three decades were recorded in County Mayo. That gives me hope for a lovely summer and I am looking forward to the weekends I will be having on the beach.

This week the media also reported on the possibility  of getting the new cancer drug nivolumab on the shelve, a drug that has been tested for the treatment of the skin cancer Melanoma. If you are going to spend a lot of time in the sun this summer than I advice that prevention is better than cure.

Here is a few ideas you can take aboard to prevent yourself from getting sun burnt or worse, developing dangerous skin cancers like Melanoma.

Wear a factor 50

Apply a sunblock, I advise a water resistant one, every morning before you leave the house. Reapply throughout the day, sweat and washing your face regularly can wipe some of the sunblock off, so it is always good to touch up again. Don’t forget to reapply when you are done swimming.

There are different strengths of sunblocks on the market and the factor you will be using depends on your skin type and age. Babies and children have sensitive skin, so it is always good to go for a factor 50, the same for adults with sensitive and untanned skin.

Wear a sunhat

Get yourself a good and wide brimmed sunhat this summer. The wider the brim of your hat the more shade for your head and face. When we wear sunblock we often forget that the top of our heads also catches the sun.

The sun’s rays burns right through ones’ hair – a hat will protect you all day long. If you are a bit like me, get one with a string, that way it won’t blow off and you won’t forget where you last left your hat.

Use an umbrella

If  you are going to be out in the garden or on the beach all summer it will be a good idea to get the beach umbrella out. Out with the rusty one you have up in the attic, buy yourself a brand new one (it might motivate you not to forget it when you speed off to the beach).

Another good tip, just leave it in the car boot all summer, that will prevent you from forgetting it! Having the umbrella on the beach is good for you and the children, sitting in the sun can become extremely exhausting and having the option of a bit of shade will reinvigorate you (little ones also enjoys taking naps on the beach occasionally, perfecto!).

Stay out of the sun during the midday hours

The warmest part of the day is between noon and 3pm. This is the time of the day when not even your sunblock will come to you rescue. Get into the shade or enjoy a cooler at the nearest restaurant under their umbrellas before hitting the sandy beaches again. A bit of a siesta after lunch is also advisable, it makes for a safer swimming experience.

Get into the water

Sitting in the sun for too long becomes boring and unbearable. Go for a swim in the ocean or a swimming pool, it is one of the best ways of cooling down after a long day in the sun. Do not forget to apply sunblock before you hit the water.

Gradually tan – don’t overdo it

Do not tan all day on your first day, you will not go brown in one day. You will go red and peel and your first day will have been wasted, then you will not be able to sit on your towel the next day.

To get yourself that perfect tan you need to do it gradually, start off with an hour a day and then build it up until your hide is so thick that you don’t burn anymore. Suntan oils will speed up the tanning process, but again, do not stay  in the sun for too long in the beginning, it is  not called oil for no reason.

Use the air conditioner

Even though the sun is shining outside, it still warms up the house, the car and the office. Summer is a time when you need an air conditioner or invest in a fan. It will help with the tiredness you might end up experiencing when the warmth gets through the windows and the ceiling. You only need it in the afternoons, that way you won’t dry out your nasal passage or skin.

Freeze it if it’s burning

If you tried everything or you actually just took yourself to the beach, sat there all day without a care, no umbrella, no hat, no sunblock, then you are now probably sitting there with blisters on your ass and shoulders. You need to freeze your sunburn; aloe vera gel, vinegar, oatmeal, yogurt, vitamin E, cucumber or a painkiller is recommended.

Water, water, water

Dehydration happens when you sweat a lot, this happens to the body when it heats up. Drinking plenty of water and fluids all day long will prevent you from becoming dehydrated. If  you are not sure if you are experiencing dehydration, the signs to watch out for is confusion, dizziness, dark urine, headaches and a dry mouth and eyes.

Watch out for heat exhaustion and heat stroke

“Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are the most serious problems that can develop when the mercury soars so it’s essential that people can spot the signs, such as headaches and dizziness, and get them somewhere cool and rehydrated as soon as possible,” says Clive James, training officer at St. John Ambulance.

Don’t let these rules and regulations wear you down, it is just a few new habits you need to get into. The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself this summer!

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