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Urban Plant life – Cork Street Garden Centre

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One warm August afternoon when I was out for a stroll around Cork Street, I came upon a large garden centre called ‘Urban Plant Life’. This is an Irish owned and managed company which has been in business since the early 1980’s. Its philosophy is to provide customers with the highest quality of products and services. Staff are available to give their horticultural expertise to customers. Plant Life rent, sell and maintain plants in many locations. Plants are an effective way of enhancing a dull work area and harmonising the ambience of a busy office.

The garden centre has a wide variety of outdoor plants, including bamboo plants, bedding, ferns, seeds, bulbs, roses, shrubs, trees, perennials, grasses and hedging. They have an extensive range of indoor hanging plants, flowering plants, foliage plants, carnivorous, bonsai, cacti and aloe vera. Their artificial plants include topiary, flowering plants, hanging plants, foliage plants and cacti. Plant Life sell organic gardening products such as compost, weed killer, plant food, slug and snail killer etc. For your garden parties and garden décor in general they supply barbeques, garden furniture, lighting, obelisks, arches, ornaments and parasols.

Their tools and gardening products comprise of wheel barrows, clothing, garden tools, fencing and trellis, hanging baskets, pest control and plant protection, water butts, water features, potting and propagation, cold frames, grow houses, compost, bark and mulches, decorative aggregates and plant support.

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If you are interested in wild life and providing your chirpy feathered friend with a place to stay then there are beautifully carved wooden bird houses available to buy there. There are also different feeders available to meet your pet’s needs. If you are tired of trailing to the supermarket and queuing to buy your fruit and vegetables then perhaps growing them in your own garden might be more appealing for you? The thought certainly crossed through my mind when I saw the luscious red apples delicately hanging from the small tree branch. There were also rhubarb, figs, grapes, pears, tomato, plums and various berries available to buy in tree form there. They have a wide variety of vegetables also available for you to grow including, beetroot, broccoli, brussel sprouts, butternut squash, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, courgette, French beans, garlic, kale, onion, pumpkin, spinach, potato and lettuce.

Their prices are very reasonable and their products are of a high standard. They also have a lovely café onsite with appetising cakes and delicious beverages to meet your palatable needs. This delightful garden centre is a must see!

Urban Plant Life,
110 -111 Cork Street,Dublin 8.
Ph No: 01 453 6201
Twitter: @UrbanPlantLife

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