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The Wolf of Wall Street Film Review (are we a little late? oops)

Charming rags to riches tale of a humble, compassionate, and modest man...ahem

Web Manager’s note: Might be a little late by a certain web manager’s fault, in my defence, I can only lie, so I won’t say anything!  Anyway enjoy!


Director                       Martin Scorsese

Screen Play                 Terrance Winter                                 

Cast                             Leonardo DiCapiro, Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey, Cristin Miloti, & Dean Jujardin. 


The film is a bio epic on the surprisingly unexaggerated life of Jordon Belfort (Leonardo Di Capiro), a penny stocks trader, who became ridiculously wealthy through selling non entity business stocks for inflated prices. The film starts with Belfort at the foot of the ladder of the stocks market getting his first advice about how to survive the financial world from a sage like Matthew Mc Conaughey.  The advice tended to centred around something like sex and drugs, and to be sure Belfort took it seriously.   Sadly, he had only dropped his pants in the world of finances when the morning of the infamous “Black Monday” dawned and our anti-hero finds himself at the bottom once again, this time in a low down office selling penny shares.  


From this point on the film documents Belfort’s progression to the top of Wall Street, accompanied by his second in command and business partner, Donny Azoff (Jonah Hill) together they grow the company “Stratton Oakmount”.   Stratton Oakmount’s reputation gets hammering early on prompting Forbes magazine to dub Mr Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street.   At this stage of the film, decadence isn’t the word, massive parties, and gorgeous women, plus lots and lots of drugs as the lads did pretty much what they wanted.   However, the party can’t last forever, as FBI investigator Patrick Denham (Kyle Chandler) begins to follow the money and unravel the secret of their massive success.


It’s a great movie do check out, I know we’re a little late putting our article but sure it will be on digital soon enough.   It’s long for what it is, 2 hours 59 minutes to be exact, Scorsese is not known for doing short pieces and this film is no exception.  For some people this might be too long but the film delivers from start to finish I found the movie to be very entertaining, funny and dramatic. I found the plot to be very well constructed and the acting superb. You can see its written from Belfort perspective, he comes across as the saviour who was failed by those surrounding him but then this is not an historical account but a humorous reminder at some of the deeper problems of unchecked capitalism. I really think it’s a shame that Leo didn’t finally get his Oscar for his performance, it seems the academy really aren’t Scorsese fans (the 5th Leo/Scorsese collaboration.


For me it’s 9 out of 10.

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