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The Adventures of Diego (the dog who travelled Dublin 8)

Diego 2

This is Diego, a cheeky little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that snook past his poor owner and travelled down James’ Street and back to Echlin Street where he ran into our offices.  Whilst on my way to the post office, I saw the portly (obviously used to getting his own way) chap who stood and stared at me on St James’ Church grounds (and why not, sure Diego is Spanish for James). By his fine coat, well fed belly, I knew this was no stray, but a well looked after doggy.  As I saw no collar and no one around to claim ownership, and the dog was dry (despite the rain a few minutes before) I deduced that this fella was a recent runaway.  As I stared at him, he too was getting the measure of me, wondering what this bearded fecker was staring at!

What ensued was a Mexican standoff, as both eyed the other awaiting the next move. Terrified, that my new furry amigo would bolt on me and make for the road, I gradually approached.  The dog was no fool, and knew he was about to be apprehended, ending his new found freedom, and his adventure before he had satisfied his curiosity of the world and return to his family with tourist trinkets of his holiday. The dog ran.  I ran after him, this fella was fast! As he headed for the turn for Robert Street, he ran across the road with grace and guile, I followed with less grace and em…guile and nearly got knocked by a car turning the corner.

Expecting and expletive laden rebuke from its driver, I stood and waited for the car to pass, the car had stopped dead in its tracks with the driver shouting “g’wan lad get after him!”.  I didn’t need to be told twice and made for the dog, who had been cornered by two decent construction lads, I picked him up and brought him to the office, where attempts were made to find the owner.  After exhausting the contact list of everyone we knew had this breed of dog, we decided to bring Diego (or Gizmo has I had taken to calling him) to the vet to see if he had been chipped.  Diego, of course, could not have been happier running around exploring our offices and chomping on biscuits (seriously, it’s impossible to say no to these dogs).

After Deco, a youth worker, kindly brought myself, Derek and our escape artist friend to the vet, we found that while the dog had been chipped, it had out of date information (important lesson for us all there) and we could not locate the owner. Diego would be coming home with me for the time being.  Back in my house in Inchicore, Diego made acquaintance with my curtains (which reminds me, I’ll need to wash them) and wagged his tail as he had found yet another new place to explore.  Unfortunately, I could not keep the dog there, as a resident cat raised objections, that is to say I think it was raising objections, it had made it to the highest cabinet in the place, periodically, peering over its edge at a happy go lucky dog wagging his tail looking up.  Cat, was not really a dog person…

After arranging with two very good friends, Patrick and Niamh, Diego, was off to the Ranch near Ballyfermot, for a sleepover and made a new pal with a Russell/Collie cross by the name of Calin.  He was treated like royalty, a lot better than the royalty from whom his breed gets their name. On my end, I started the search via Facebook, special thanks to Dublin SPCA and and Madeleine and her friend (two wonderful people we met in the vet who put the word around with local dog owners).  Diego, who at this stage, had travelled three kilometres from his home was fast asleep on a nice warm sofa.

The next morning, having made several posters and ready to depart around Thomas Street, James’ Street and the inner city, we received a phone call from our Junior Youth boss Tanya, who had been talking to the owner of Diego. The poor owner and her kids had been up the wall, while the oblivious Blenheim and White furball had been on his adventures.  The call was made and Diego was on his way home from the Ranch, the scenic route too through the Royal Hospital.  I met the owners, a lovely couple, who could not have been more releaved.  Diego, delighted to see them, ran over with his ever wagging tail, he turned to me and Paddy, stuck out a cheeky black lip (I assume his way of thanks) and went home.

Truth be told, he left a few sorry hearts when he went, and a black haired girl in the Ranch still raging she didn’t get to say goodbye.  But the intrepid explorer is home with the family that loves him.

Diego 1

5 Responses

  1. Did he make it from the Ranch to Echlin Street? That’s impressive. I’d have given up by the time I’d hit Inchicore Road.

  2. Jen says:

    What a cute doggie!! I was hoping you would say he needs a home, and I’d happily have taken him. You were great to make such an effort to find the owner, and to take such good care of him.

  3. He did, it was very impressive. I wouldn’t have done it

  4. Admin says:

    Thanks Jen, I had several of these dogs myself, I know how much you’d miss them!

  5. Tony Gorman says:

    Diego & Eoghan 22nd May 2014 by/Tony Gorman

    A friend in need is a friend indeed
    As Diego showed that day
    His instincts brought him straight to you
    In a canine sort of way

    For he showed that he had of aptitude
    In adventures of this kind
    And with his big brown eyes he soon surmised
    That food won’t be hard to find

    For you fit the bill to a cunning stray
    Of a very generous man
    And when he ate what you had to give
    He said goodbye and ran

    This shows that dogs have lots of sense
    When they need a place to rest
    And that wagging tale and those floppy ears
    Really put you to the test

    But happily he’s found his place
    In all your readers hearts
    And Diego will be much wiser now
    When his next adventure starts

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