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Stay Strong


Unless you’re strong this world is wrong for coping day by day
The pressures causes mental health in a world of gloomy grey
For the mind takes in the worry’s that effects our inner roots
And it frays our nerves and rocks you from your head down to your boots

It can leave you disorientated in a most alarming way
That your mind gets lost and confused leading you astray
And in a maze of mixed up thoughts you look for a release
As in truth you cannot take the chance that these feelings will increase

To end this mental torment as the pressures builds inside
You’re thoughts get to a fever pitch as there’s nowhere you can hide
And ways of ending it come to mind ripping at your inner seams

But help is always there at hand to revive your living dreams
And a new life can change your ways bringing happiness at last
To overcome how lost you were by the dark days life had cast

By Tony Gorman


Life serves us up with a lot of pressures that sometimes brings us to a point that we seem cornered with no way out.
Nine times out of ten if you reach out there is always someone there for you.
Accept their help and be positive about reacting to the new you they are helping you with
Bring out new strength to tackle any problems in the future and in time you could be the one to help somebody in the same frame of mind as you were.


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