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Diageo has recently done research on the tradition of toasting and hygge. With Christmas on our doorsteps it’s the time of the year when many glasses will be raised and speeches will be made in honor of the festive season.

A study was performed on 7,000 adults to explore the concept of hygge. Hygge is the celebration of good things, like Christmas, at home with family and friends. The study proved that people enjoy staying at home for celebrations of this nature, 57% said they do, and two-thirds of the world still enjoy the tradition of toasting.

It also shows that romantic couples prefer enjoying their time together in the comfort of their own homes, 42% couples enjoy this cozy tradition and believes that toasting will ward off bad luck in their new romantic endeavours.

Diageo’s research reveals that the Danish (15%) prefers staying at home, compared to the Indian people (85%) who prefer enjoying a night out.

How can you enjoy the perfect hygge this Christmas? There is a few good ingredients you can add to your recipe this season: the right company, the right food accompaniments, the rights alcoholic drinks, special rituals (e.g. clinking buy xanax uk paypal glasses), and hosting others at your home.

Carolyn Panzer at Diageo said: “Toasting as a way to mark the moment during a celebration is nothing new, our research shows just how far the tradition has come since its beginning in the Neolithic period. Our research suggests two thirds of the world will be raising a toast of celebration this festive season and we know that where people celebrate, and who they do it with, is just as important as the drinks they choose to toast with.The global language of celebration is about people enjoying rituals and traditions that help mark the moment at this special time of year.”

So why is this tradition of toasting still going strong? Superstition could be one reason, 29% of the 7,000 adults believe that bad luck could come their way if they do not complete the toast. Others simple do it to impress a loved one, 19% sees it as a way to impress someone.

Most used phrases used when toasting research show is “cheers”, “the perfect toast” and “Saluti!” and here in Ireland –  “Sláinte na bhfear agus go maire na mná go deo!”.

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