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Realistic Approach  – Acceptance

Realistic Approach  – Acceptance

We all are living a real life. Whatever we have in our days and nights everything is a part of our lives and based on reality. Life is not a movie or drama which we can write according to our wish. In fact, our lives already have written by nature. Because of that predestination, there are not many things we could change in our lives. Even we don’t want those things or we hate them but we have to accept them as it is. We all do accept and compromise in our lives. Without those things we cannot live a positive life. First we talk about Acceptance. “Acceptance is such a good and positive but hard gesture of life. Most of the time, Acceptance is a big challenge for us.

For example, many people don’t like their Birth place, their families even they don’t like themselves. But they can’t do anything. They can’t change these realities of life, and from cradle to grave whatever they get and lose without their choice, they have to accept.

To accept unpleasant and unwanted realities of life is a big task. But, how to bear and live a healthy life with all of these unbearable realities can be a major and difficult task in life. There’s   only way to get success in this difficult task is “Compromise’’.

Majority of people face difficulties in practical life on every other step. As I said above life is not a movie or drama, same as life is not a bed of roses.  Moving with all hardships of life is an actual life. For that we should be very composed, compromising and tolerant.

Everyone has so many challenges in life and has to fight with them.  Sometime life’s hardships are because of us but some from nature and many are because of other people who are close to us and or our acquaintances.

Sometimes, we can ask for support or help for our problems but sometime we cannot discuss our problems with anyone and sometime those thing s which we receive from nature and we don’t like or hate them try to hide.

We shouldn’t be like this. We should accept bravely all unhappy situations related to our physical, mental, financial or social life. Flaws of our life and personality shouldn’t be hurdles of our lives. We try to remove or change all that darkness from our life but those things we cannot change we try to take them positively. Everything has some benefits.  It depends on person that how anyone can get something positive and good when everything looks negative and bad apparently.  If ,we see our life with positivity and take everything whatever we have with realistic approach and try to be happy and move forward in life compromisingly. We can live a healthy life and create a healthy environment. For compromising we need to avoid all those thoughts and way which leads us toward to negativity and complaint. Complain to Nature, to our environment, our family and our selves. We should never compare ourselves and our lives with others. Because, everyone has different assignment of life and everyone has a different circumstance. Sometimes, people blame to themselves for their problems. They start to judge themselves and try to find flaws and drawbacks of their selves. They think’’ we don’t deserve happiness or we are unlucky etc’’. Sometime, these negativity cross the border line and cause of self harming.

So, we all should or try to be positive in any kind of situation of our lives. And try to find happiness and satisfaction in all of these things which we have.

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