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Pub Review – The Market Bar

The Market Bar, Dublin, Ireland

As a connoisseur of the Dublin’s night life scene (only to provide you with the best facts of course) there is no bar in Dublin quite like the Market Bar. Located on the unfortunately now infamous Fade Street, the Market Bar resembles a train station of the 1940s, with its tall cavernous ceiling and Victorian red brick walls. For a building of its size it is impressive how well they keep the place heated. The market bar is part of Dublin’s young professional/yuppie/”when I was a kid you could have found me looking for a penny at the back of the Old Wesley” scene. A fact that is reflected in the price, although perhaps this is unfair, the Market Bar does not deviate too much from general town prices (when are they going to reflect the fact we’re in recession >:< ).

The pint is glorious and I mean glorious, it’s fresh, clean, crisp and with a miracle quality that means you cannot get hung-over. I kid you not, I have sampled this nectar on several occasions and each time I have awoken with not an ounce of pain, regret or a stomach assault. The bar itself has no soundtrack, no music to intrude on your conversation, but it would be a mistake to assume the bar is quite, it is not, a constant hum of the many conversations about life changing trips to India prevails.

The Market Bar is also an up-market eatery, the food is expensive but tasty, yeah it is chicken wings but damn it they are fancy chicken wings!
The Market’s smoking section is well heated and sheltered from the rain, it occupies the front of the premises.

Problems, the Market’s toilets can be locked at times meaning you sometimes need to visit the staff before you can use their facilities. The Market, being quite popular, can be packed and if it is, it can be noisy. The service is generally efficient but can slow down during these busy periods, finally, the aforementioned price, in a sentence, it isn’t cheap.

All in all though, the Market Bar is an exciting place and performs a niche role in Dublin’s nightlife scene. It’s a great place for couples as well!

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