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Pub Review – The Cobblestone

The Cobblestone Pub Dublin

The Cobblestone pub is located at the top of Smithfield square on King St. A quaint and unassuming front greets the visitor that suggests a different experience than the one waiting inside. The Cobblestone is one of those funny little pubs that resides in the city centre yet has all the musty-ness, the wooden finish, and the feel of, a pub in the middle of the Ring of Kerry. A famed for its traditional music, the window corner at the front end of the bar is perpetually populated by bearded session players playing a never ending jig, broken by a Sean NÓS song sung about a time when there was little or no Tayto crisps.

The bar itself is an interesting mix of antiquity, with pikes adorning the wall, photos of Dublin in times past, a book shelf with well thumbed books and flags of disputed territories (Basques and Palestine). It also serves quite an eclectic of beers and ales, from Red Revolution to more obscure brands. The pint of Guinness is, it must be admitted, one of the best in the city of Dublin, cold and smooth. The staff are friendly and are likely to engage you in conversation, unlike other pubs, were lengthy eye contact is required before they realise your stomach suspects your throat is cut, the service in the Cobblestone is prompt and efficient. The price for a pint is competitive with any local and four well cleaned toilets (2 mna, 2 fear) insure no waiting.

In addition, the bar has a venue attached next door were bluegrass and funk/soul music prevails and has hosted some top name secret gigs. Finally, a smoking section is available with tables, however there are only two umbrellas to keep the elements away from your pint and an absence of heaters can make it uncomfortable in the winter months.

There are negatives, such as, by nature of the narrow design of the bar, it can fill up very quickly leaving little room to manoeuvre. Also, while it does have an excellent range of beers and traditional spirits, it is lacking on more modern mainstream drinks. But who needs them anyway!

The Cobblestone is one of cosiest, liveliest pubs in the area it is authentic in its intentions unlike the many paddy bars in Temple Bar. The alternative mix of music in the a joining venue does offer something for a wider audience. The pint is cheap and one of the best in the city and it caters for those who want to just chat or those who love the seisiun ceoil. Well worth a visit!

IMAGE: The Cobblestone Pub Dublin – image credit: Neil/Flickr

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