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Kim’s Easy Slow Cooker Turkey Chilli

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Kim’s Easy Slow Cooker Turkey Chilli

Now that winter is approaching we will need more warm foods to keep our temperatures up. The slow cooker is one of those appliances that were created by a genius that knew how important it is to eat healthy nutritious food; the slow cooker is the best way to keep all the vitamins and nutrients from evaporating or being drained. This is a slow cooker recipe from an American mom’s website and will take approximately 6 hours to cook, enough time to get the kids sorted and your other responsibilities done before sitting down to a lovely ‘hot’ stew.

I’m Kimberly Coleman, a NYC wife and work from home mom of 2 grade-school sons. On this site, I provide easy recipes and review fun events, activities and finds for moms and their grade-school sons (ages 6-13). I also share time management tips to help moms with the “juggle” of life.”

Slow cooking is one of those management tips I would recommend to moms who can’t stand over the pots all night and in the process loose vital hours that could have been applied elsewhere.

-1 pound ground turkey meat
-1 cup chopped onion
-1 cup chopped green pepper
-1 cup chopped red pepper
-2 tbsp chilli powder
-Seasonings to taste (Use Garlic Powder, Seasoned Salt, Pepper, Packet of Onion Soup Mix, & Oregano)
-2 cups of kidney (or chilli) beans, drained
-2 cups diced tomatoes
-1 cup tomato sauce

 Cook the turkey meat in a large fry pan on medium-high heat until the meat is thoroughly cooked. Drain any excess liquid from the meat.

Place the turkey meat, chopped vegetables, seasonings, beans, diced tomatoes and tomato sauce to the slow cooker and cover everything with the lid. Set the temperature to low and the timer to six hours. Press “Start”.

That’s it! After the six hours are up, you can sample your chilli to make sure that the seasonings are to your taste. If not, you can add more seasoning and stir everything together.

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