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Is Belladonna Safe For Teething Babies?


When you have a teething baby, a parent or caregiver will do anything to help soothe its’
pain. However, some gels and even homeopathic remedies may be unsuitable for babies.
According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the homeopathic remedy Belladonna
may be harmful to babies. Homeopathy is a complementary medicine which is based on the
perception that “like cures like”. Tiny concentrates of toxic substances are used with the idea
that they could cure the symptoms that they would cause at higher doses.

The FDA are exploring reports of seizures, excessive lethargy, muscle weakness, difficulty
urinating, flushed skin and constipation in babies who were given the homeopathic remedy
Belladonna. Doctors have advised to give babies teething rings, or unsweetened teething
crackers to chew on instead of Belladonna. Belladonna is also known as deadly nightshade,
which is a poisonous plant that contains atrophine.

This chemical can be dangerous if taken at high levels. In homeopathic medicine it is used to
reduce redness and inflammation. The FDA have found that the homeopathic tablets are
made with inconsistent amounts of belladonna. Hyland, which is the company who produced
belladonna have recalled the product. "Teething can be managed without prescription or
over-the- counter remedies," Dr. Janet Woodcock, director of the FDA's Center for Drug
Evaluation and Research, said in the FDA statement.

Safe natural remedies include:

Gum massage

All you need is a clean finger for this old-fashioned teething remedy. Gentle counter-pressure
from Mom or Dad applied to a baby’s sore gums can help ease the pain of teething.

Cold spoon:

A spoon chilled in the fridge can offer much-needed relief. Just apply the rounded part of the
spoon to the baby’s gums. Best for before any teeth actually break through to avoid the risk
of chipping a tooth.

Cold Washcloth

Frozen or merely chilled, a cold wet washcloth (dipped in water, breast milk, or—as some
mom’s swear by—chamomile tea) can be comforting for baby to gnaw on.

Chilled Foods

If your baby has already started solids, try offering him or her a cold food like applesauce or
yogurt to help soothe gum pain. It also provides them with a yummy snack.


This is a homeopathic remedy that contains some German chamomile which relieves teething
pain and irritability. It also contains Poke which soothes painful gums and Chinese rhubarb
which helps digestive problems associated with teething. Always check with your
paediatrician before you administer it to your baby.

Chilled fruit

Chilled fruit, like apple slices or banana, placed inside of a mesh feeder can provide relief
(and a tasty snack) for a baby with sore gums.

Silicone Teether

Another popular option for little ones are silicone teethers that are BPA-, phthalate-, PVC-
and latex-free.

Every child is unique and some remedies may be better than others for them. It is best to try
and find what suits your little ones needs. It can be a matter of trial and error but your baby
will adapt to the right remedy for them in time.

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