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Hope…….. A New Morning Of Life

Hope…….. A New Morning Of Life

Hope is not a word in fact it is a basic and biggest feeling and gesture of humanity. Everyone has so many hopes in life and because of those feeling they spend their lives. If we lose hope from our lives then there is no point for a life. Every day brings a new hope, new thoughts, new ideas and new life. We make new plan according to new thoughts. We try new innovation .Everything gives us a new light and bring us towards the positivity. We feel more relaxed in ourselves, more attractions and love around us. We can see the Beauty of Hope’’ in ourselves and in our appearance. Struggle in life to get something is actually the ladder of Hope.

Every step of ladder increases the hope and courage. On the top of ladder or last step of ladder we start to make next plan with new hope. All of our lives are based on the chain of hope.

Hope is name of that feeling which always gives you trust and confidence.  This positive, optimistic feeling gives us strength and build up our faith. I personally feel that ‘’hope also bring us towards the spirituality.  Because hope increase our positivity and positivity always connected to spirituality.

According to Dictionary the definition of Hope is that “Hope is an optimistic state of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes with respect to events and circumstances in one’s life or the world at large. As a verb, its definitions include: “expect with confidence” and “to cherish a desire with anticipation.”

As mentioned in the definition expectation and positive outcomes with respect are the basic elements of hope. When we try to do something good for our lives and for others, we always expect positive appreciation, outcomes and respect or with respect.

The system of the world is that we all are connected with others we come alone in this world and go back alone but can’t spend our lives alone. Our 90 to 95 percent part of lives depends on others. Parents, siblings, friends, teachers, mentors, colleagues, partner and children all of these relations are very important in everyone’s life. They play important and major role in our lives. These all elements contribute to make one personality. If a person needs all of these relations, similarly, this person play these roles in others lives. For example, if someone play a role of teacher or mentor in a person’s life this person also play a same role in any other life.

So as our lives depends on each other same as our hopes, our struggles in life to get something, our sorrow our happiness all our feelings are related to others lives.  As parents do hard work for their children they want to give them good future. When they are struggling they always have hope about their lives and their children they think their children will be happy and enjoy life. But, if in the return the children don’t say them thanks and not be happy. Parents lose their hope and courage to do more same as if anyone do hard work for getting good job but after very hard work and hope unable to get desired goal then all hope and courage has end up. So, all is that hope is a basic thing for any achievement or even for any single step towards the healthy life but it is also based on outcomes in the return of struggle and hope. Hope still lights the darkest places.




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