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Homemade Vegetable Lasagne



400g tin of chopped tomatoes

4 tbsp olive oil

1/2 red onion finely chopped

1 garlic clove finely chopped

8 basil leaves

sea salt & black pepper

500 ml milk

50g butter

50g plain flour

sea salt & pepper


2 courgettes

1 aubergine

2 sweet red peppers

2 red onions

2 garlic cloves finely chopped

10 basil leaves

lasagne sheets (I have no idea of measurements)

1 mozzarella ball



pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees

sprinkle your chopped aubergines with salt and leave in a colander for about 15 mins

To make your tomato sauce

Heat your olive oil in a pan and add your garlic and onion and cook for about 10 mins over a low heat until soft but not coloured

Add your tomatoes and leave to simmer for about 10-15 mins

season and add your basil towards the end.

Roast Veg

Place all your chopped veg on in an oven tray, sprinkle with garlic, season well and drizzle with olive oil. Cook for about 20 mins and add your basil for the last 5 mins.

White Sauce

Heat the milk in a pot to just below boiling point, then remove from the heat

Melt the butter in another saucepan, then add the flour & stir well

Add the hot milk a little at a time, stirring constantly

Cook the sauce for about 10-15 min over a low heat whisking occasionally with a whisk

Remove from the heat, season with salt & pepper and nutmeg & stir in the parmesan

To prepare the lasagne sheets

You can pre-cook your sheets in boiling salted water or if you can get your hands on good quality fresh sheets you don’t have to.

Butter your dish and build layers of roast veg, & tomato sauce for about 2 layers, season as you go and then finish with some tomato sauce, white sauce and mozzarella

Cook in the oven for about 30-40 mins until golden brown and bubbling at the edges

Serve and enjoy!

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