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Google Goggles


Google Goggles

Google is synonymous with the World Wide Web and the Internet. It is originally an American company and was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Both Larry and Sergey were students at the time they created this multinational technological company that provide services and products for internet users. Google’s search engine, Google Search, is known to almost every internet user, it would be strange if you have not heard of it or used it before.

The word google has been accepted into the Oxford Dictionary. The definition in the Oxford Dictionary reads: Definition of google in English: verb – Search for information about (someone or something) on the Internet using the search engine Google. Another interesting fact about Google is that their unofficial slogan is “Don’t be evil”. Google provides a range of services like Google Docs, Gmail, Google Drive, Google+, Google Chrome, Picasa, Google+ Photos/Google Photos and Hangouts.

In Dublin’s docklands district you will find the Google campus. It comprises of four buildings namely ‘Google Docks’, ‘Gasworks House’, ‘Gordon House’ and ‘One Grand Canal’ and also serves as the Google EU Headquarters. Google’s approach is holistic and aims to create a work environment that encourages interaction and communication on their campus.


Google who specializes in software applications, decided this month to set up a new division for virtual reality computing. Google’s Alphabet Inc. this week sold 5 million units of the Google Cardboard Viewer – almost a ton of cardboard. The Google Cardboard Viewer is a wearable device for experiencing virtual reality, much like a pair of sunglasses, made for mobile apps. Up to date 25 million downloads of Cardboard apps have been recorded.

The Cardboard app has been designed for Android, Smart-phones and iPhones. Using the Cardboard Viewer and app you can enjoy Cardboard Camera for taking VR photos, YouTube, buy tranax alprazolam Expeditions to other countries through virtual reality lenses, Proton Pulse, Tilt Brush Gallery and Paul McCartney’s ‘Live and let Die’ concert in 360 Degrees surround sound. The Google Cardboard Viewer is affordable and also easy to assemble. You can fold your own or order an already made one. The goggles come in different colours and designs.


Google launched the new Cardboard in 2015. It works with any phone and supports larger phones with screens of up to 6 inches. It assembles in three easy steps. The new Cardboard comes with the Manufacturer’s Kit and contains recommendations, specifications for every component, conductive strips and drawings for lenses. To make sure that your Cardboard app works, you need to add the QR code to your viewer.

Earlier this month four-month-old baby Teegan’s life was saved when Dr Redmond Burke used the Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Device to carry out a procedure on the baby with the half a heart and one lung. The mother, Cassidy was reported saying in an interview: “It was mind-blowing. To see this little cardboard box and a phone, and to think this is what saved our daughter’s life.”

Other news concerning Google in recent days: has promised a €5.3 million grant to NetHope, Germany, who will provide education and technology for refugees. With the grant 25,000 Chromebooks will be given to refugees for educational purposes. Because the refugees moved from their countries where they were originally educated, much of that education has been lost and therefore it is necessary that they are re-educated. hopes to help this by introducing the Chromebook laptops. The lightweight laptops are kitted out with cloud storage and will be delivered to NetHope in early February. also donates money to causes such as human trafficking and child abuse and fighting Ebola.

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