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Free Health and Fitness Apps

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Here is a guide to some of the Top Fitness, Weight Loss and Nutrition apps! The best part is they are all free!



Moves is designed to record your everyday life and activity. It keeps a daily track of walking, cycling and running.

  • Keeps a daily record of the amount of steps, miles and the time it takes to get to places
  • It gives a detailed account of the places and paths you take
  • It allows you to track how many calories you are burning per activity
  • Gives a breakdown and record of your most active day for each month



Earthmiles is new to the market. The idea behind the app is to reward you for working out!

  • Connect your phone to your favourite apps
  • Earthmiles get synced automatically. You are rewarded every time you walk, run or cycle
  • The Earthmiles you gain allow you to spend on exclusive rewards from fantastic brands

fitnet app


Fitnet is the first ever trainer only app. Fitnet’s short workouts fit right into your schedule, no matter how busy!

  • Provides 5 minute workouts
  • Calorie tracking
  • Set up fitness regime and goals
  • The app uses your camera and measures how closely you follow the moves shown by the certified instructors

Lose it

Lose It

Lose It helps you make a personalized weight loss plan and keeps track of your fitness.

  • Provides calorie tracking
  • Allows you to connect with friends and encourage and create goals with one another
  • Scan barcodes of food items which automatically gives you calorie and nutrition info
  • Records food lists and provides recipes
  • Tracks exercise and weight loss goals

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