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Film review Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Chris Pine's New movie is non stop action


Film Title    Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
Director       Kenneth Branagh
Cast             Chris Pine, Kevin Costner, Keira Knightley &  Kenneth Branagh.

Running Time    106 Minutes     
Parental Ratings    12


The film takes place sometime after the September 11th attacks that so devastated America, Jack Ryan (Chris Pine from Star Trek Movie fame) who was studying in London returns home, and his motivated to join the army. While out on patrol one day in Afghanistan, he gets attacked and injured. As he recovers, Ryan falls in love with an attractive nurse who is caring for him by the name of Cathy Muller (Keira Knightley, who wouldn’t fall in love?).

The CIA approach Ryan after his convalescence, they require him to go undercover as a financial analyst for a large stock firm. He is introduced to his future handler Harper (Kevin Costner), who takes on a paternal role. While working at the firm, Ryan becomes suspicious of a Russian company that he believes not only plans to wipe out the stock market, but has other sinister plans for America too. This prompts Ryan to travel to Russia to further investigate on behalf of the CIA.  While there his lover, Cathy, surprises him, and both of them get caught up in a cat and mouse game against the Russians.  So plot wise, you know where this is going, it’s the Bond/Bourne esq espionage tale of intrigue and action complete with a sexy co-star.


I thought the film was fun and action packed from start to finish.  It contains all the different exotic locations you’d expect from a spy yarn and you’re never bored throughout its short duration.  It was a decent thriller, certainly worth a Saturday night out.

 It was nice to see Keira Knightley play a more action based role, which she performed brilliantly, I suppose when I think of Ms Knightley past films, I tend to think of period dramas set in Britain.

What makes this film a little different the director Kenneth Branagh, also plays a Russian villain called Victor. The Irish star with his incredible presence and excellent diction really gives the character a gravitas that really sends shivers down your spine.

It was good fun, I give it an 8 out of 10.

My only criticism is it could have been a bit longer, an hour and a half for this type of film keeps the pace a little too fast, particularly with all the plot twists and turns, so pay attention while you’re watching!


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