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Fashion With A Positive Approach

Fashion With A Positive Approach – Mahrosh looks at what it means to be fashionable and is it, itself an intrinsic good?

We learn from our elders, our history (religious, social) and our environment. But, now we can see fast development all over the world and in all important aspects of life. From the beginning of 20th century, lifestyle is changing very quickly and development is very fast in every field of life. People are getting more awareness, knowledge and information about the world and new technology.

Many years ago the lifestyle was very simple. Now the scenario is completely different. New inventions have given new dimension to human life. Everyday , researchers discover or invent  the latest  product then experts make it useful and popular among the people. Any popular or the latest style and trend is called fashion.  The new style or idea is not always related to clothing, hair, decoration, cosmetics and jewelry in fact, now it is a different, new it can be a method of behaviour, way or manner of doing something and latest taste in food and in other things, eating style, talking style  etc , also part of the all encompassing fashion.Fashion is a big and very basic component of our world. Adopting Fashion or trend is a natural human action. Everyone wants to follow the trend or fashion

Fashion affects, by definition, tradition and culture of any society.

Fashion and society have strong bonding with each other. So, when we discuss fashion or trends then we cannot ignore important aspect, culture and norms of society.  Fashion changes according to society or we can say that any society accept and approach the fashion according to their life style, culture, customs ,norms  and their mental state.

For example, one style is very popular in one culture but same style cannot be acceptable for another culture. Even in same society and in same culture some people are very comfortable with new trend or change but, some  strictly follow their old fashion or traditions. Because in all society they have class system like upper class, middle, and lower class. This class system is also very old and strong. More or less All over the world people have suffered in human classification. Usually, new fashion or style of any society is a little amendment of old traditions. Old tradition and culture is an asset of any society. Fashion is playing an important role to show someone is very classy and shows a good social status. All over the world some people are very crazy about fashion. They always want to drive their lives in new mode. They want to move with the time. But, some people don’t really care about new trend or fashion. They adopt comfortable life style beyond of old or new, accepted or ridiculous.

People are conscious about Brands. They feel more happy and proud when they use branded stuff. They are more choosy or trendy for buying cars, houses, and smart gadgets etc….They feel awkward, if they cannot follow trend or they are unable to buy branded products.

Move with the time, adopting new techniques and be a stylish is good thing. Development is also very good thing. But, those people who can’t beat the race of this ultra modern world. They feel, they are misfit in the society. To compete in these trends many people and many families are destroyed. As nature make our finger prints different from each others. Same as we all are different to adopting and accepting new things. Our life style our living standard and financial position is different from others. People are more happy and satisfied with whatever they have. But, who are not satisfied and want to be a winner in ultra modern life with low calibre and low financial status they move to negativity and crime. That’s why; this developed and fast time is more difficult and insecure compare to slow and simple time.  Some people have fashion phobia and they are losing their ethics. Be a moderate or trendy is a good thing but the very important thing is to be positive. We should take all new technology, new fashion and new life style with positive approach. Amendments are to make life easy not to cause more problems.



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