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Elderly & Disabled Locals Hit Out Over Palmerstown Graveyard Barrier


Some people who are elderly and others who have ongoing disabilities have lashed out at the Glasnevin Trust, over not being able to gain entry to Palmerstown Graveyard, on a Sunday while they tend to loved ones graves. This graveyard – which is in Palmerstown on the outskirts of Dublin City – in recent years has had a barrier placed at the entry of Palmerstown Cemetery, by the Glasnevin Trust which looks after the running of the burial ground.

The idea behind the barrier, which now costs €2.00 to drive into the area where the graves are, was to stop drivers from driving carelessly over graves, and to stop thieves from stealing people’s belongings including handbags, which have been stolen while ladies were tending to their loved ones graves. The thieves would then jump into a car and exit the graveyard.

Although the barrier might be a good idea, but come Sunday and bank holidays, there is never anyone on site to open the barriers to let cars in, or there is never anyone in the side shop that’s on site to get a token for the barrier. The barrier area is always sealed off with huge boulders that have been placed there by JCB machinery and no cars can get in.

This is causing a great distress especially to people who are elderly and can’t walk too far, as some have to walk a good 10 or so more minutes away from the main gates to tend to their loved ones graves. It can get worse for people using a walking frames, or those who require others to push them in wheelchairs, as the graveyard paths are filled with loose chippings making it nearly impossible to pass, as the wheels on these frames, or wheelchairs can not be pushed safely over the loose chippings.

Many people who tend to their loved ones grave’s feel if this barrier was to managed especially on a Sunday, which seems to the most popular day for visiting the graveyard, was accessible, for a least 4 hours, it would make a big difference.

One man hit out saying every Sunday that he has come to tend to his loved ones graves he has to park his car in the car park and walk the 10 or so minutes to the graveside, in the rain, hail, or shine. It’s not too bad for him at the moment as he can walk unaided, but he pointed out to the elderly people who were walking around whilst we were chatting. Some elderly people had to be supported by other people while they walked very slowly to their loved ones graves.

Also, because this barrier is shut, motorists have to take the children out of the cars and into prams, and they too struggle with the loose chippings.

Another man who was at the graveyard feels the €2.00 entry fee charge should’ve never happened, and feels the charge is a step too far, because afterall you pay for the plot, and it feels that the graveyard is charging you an extra €2.00 to grieve on top of what you already paid for. When you pay for a plot, you supposedly pay for the upkeep of the graveyard too.

The sign at the barrier reads that each €2.00 collected from the barrier will go towards the upkeep of the graveyard. But everyone who has a plot at Palmerstown, has already paid for the upkeep to be maintained.
Prime Bling has contacted Glasnevin Trust, which maintains Palmerstown, and most other graveyards in Dublin, for a comment. So far no comment has been forthcoming. If they do reply, we will publish their reply.

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