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Covid -19 And Our Fears

Covid -19 And Our Fears

Corona virus or covid 19 doesn’t need any introductions.  As all know that this virus is spreading very fast all over the world and till now we don’t have any vaccination any proper treatment so far for curing of this virus.

At the beginning ‘’ we all were scared of this virus but at the same time we were hopeful about the vaccination and other treatment. But now as time is passing and every day we see many new cases and some deaths.

At this stage when people are getting tried to suffer and face different problems cause of this virus. They don’t have any clear picture about their future.  Every aspect of life has been disturbed.

World has been completely changed. We wouldn’t think that world can be like this. No celebrations, no school no business no money. Everything is getting down and our morale is getting down too towards the life.

During pandemic time many people are losing their jobs all over the world, people are mentally disturbed and depressed their relations are affected. World economy is affected badly. social gatherings are almost finished. People are getting bored of this routine. Life is very uncertain .At same stage feeling is like “the World is stopped now.

As there is a second wave of corona virus spreading very quickly people should be more cautious.

It’s more lethal than the first wave. Countries like America and India are suffering more with the second wave, as there is still no vaccine available.

Scientists are working hard to develop a vaccine to treat covid patients. And there is a hope now that there will be some vaccines available in future for this virus.

Back to the normal life is a riddle now. No one knows how and when we will go back to the normal life? This line has a big Question mark with many fears.

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