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Tom’s Traditonal Plum Pudding



230g white breadcrumbs

180g cream flour

1 rounded teaspoon cinnamon spice

1 rounded teaspoon nutmeg

230g of atora suet

3 large eggs

2 large tablespoons of treacle

2 large tabsp of golden syrup

350ml of guinness

180ml of rum

380g dark brown unrefined sugar

500g lexia stoned raisins (muscatel raisin, one place you may get these in The Gourmet Shop Rathgar)

500g of sultanas

300g ordinary raisins

250g candied peel

300g whole cherries

1 large carrott

1 large bramley apple

100g flaked almonds


1. Mix together the rasins, lexia raisins, sultanas, candied peel, whole cherries, flaked almonds and the rum. Make sure lexia raisins are seperated.  Leave in a bowl covered for at least 24 hours.

2. Next combine the breadcrumbs, cream flour, spices and atora suet. Ensure they are mixed throughly together.

3. Wash the carrot, chop off both ends and cut into slices. Do not peel. Place the chopped carrot into a liquidiser along with 2 eggs, half the guinness and the 2 tbsp of treacle. When liquidised pour into a large bowl.

4. Make another separate mixture by liquidsing the remaining guinness, the third egg and golden syrup.

5. Next wash and core the bramely apple (keep the skin on) and cut up into pieces. Add to liquidizer and mix. Add the apple liquid mixture to the bowl with the carrot and Guinness buy inderal online usa mixture. Stir together with a wooden spoon.

6. Add the fruit mixture to the breadcrumb mixture. Make sure everything is throughly mixed. Then add the liquid mixture and throughly mix that together. Your aim is to have a very moist mixture. It may be neccessary to add a small amount of guinness.

7. Grease 2 litre bowls with butter. Then divide the mixture evenly between the two bowls.

8. Cover the top of bowl with grease proof. Cut a piece of grease proof paper to cover the top of the bowl, allow it to be  5 cm larger. Put fold in the centre to allow for expansion of pudding. Cover the same again with tin foil and press that in all around. Double Tie securely with good quality twine, just below the rim. Trim 2cm over the edge.

9. Place in pot with water up to 80% of side of bowl and bring to boil and gently simmer fo 5 hours. Keep tight lid on pot. Top up with boiling water if required. Let cool before lifting out. No further cooking is reccommended. Should you require pudding to be warmed up , heat portion that you wish to eat in micro oven



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  1. Alan Finn says:

    Tom those puddings do be lovely

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