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At One with Life

Beene's sister, Monde, returns from selling fish and bread in the surrounding villages.

At one with life can mean a lot along the trails we roam
And each one is a page in time a chapter or a poem
We take the things that come our way to teach us what we know
Like extracting seeds and planting them to watch the product grow

The light of day will illuminate the paths and help us see
A road away from dangers to keep us trouble free
But dare we tread a darkened path that leads us into danger
The moon can be a guide for us as in truth it is no stranger

And sounds can teach us how to know what lies in wait for us
An eerie noise can make us quake when in truth we shouldn’t fuss
Our eyes are always on alert to guide us day by day
And our tongue will taste the wildest taste and in voice will have its say

And our thoughts will tell us rights from wrongs along our lifelong paths
And some who chose the wrong one will face justifiable wraths
And those who chose the right road will have happy times ahead
And live their life contented after all is done and said

For to be at one with life leaves you in a happy place
To take the things life throws at you without you turning face
For courage shows the way to turn some wicked things around
And brings you back down to earth with feet firmly on the ground

As life is a challenge from the start and leads us here and there
And the worries that may come your way can lead you to despair
So adopt a calm philosophy in this world of evolution
For to always be at one with life can bring you the solution

By Tony Gorman

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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    Arms 16th June 2016 by/Tony Gorman

    Arms are what we cuddle with to sympathise a loss
    And what we use when working to get credit from our boss
    And what we hold our children with to cradle them asleep
    And help wipe away a teardrop with when we see somebody weep

    But other arms can hurt when they’re in the form of guns
    And bombs and rockets in armouries with explosive’s by the ton’s
    Those arms are never friendly causing destruction everywhere
    In the wrong hands they are lethal with the mayhem that they share

    It takes both kinds of arms to ignite this kind of fusion
    And embracing reasons why we fight can cause so much confusion
    But arms can give a hand to shake in a peace agreement deal
    And sign an arms embargo which our leaders should gladly seal

    Leave weaponry arms to the military who keep us safe and sound
    Away from all the evilness this world in past has found
    Our bodily arms should help us as we earn our living pay
    And cuddle, caress and help us love as we go from day to day

    And the world would be a better place no mass killing’s everywhere
    And for once we’d have the kind of world for everyone to share
    And our children would grow up with a love of an everlasting peace
    And all of this could be achieved if the sale of arms should cease

  2. Admin says:

    Thanks Tony

    Excellent as always

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