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A Great Weekend for Community Rock Acts by Alan Finn.

Some Great Acts at the CRY show

Some Great Acts at the CRY show

A Great Weekend for Community Rock Acts                                           by Alan Finn.

C.R.Y.  Fundraiser  

I’d like to start my weekend review with the C.R.Y. fundraiser in Lillys’s’ Bordello. You may have remembered that not so long ago we your favourite online newswire, the Fountain, told you about a charity that helps people through counselling deal with the loss children to Sudden Death Syndrome by the name of C.R.Y (Cardiac Risk in Young).

Well last Friday, the 16th of May, at Lillys’ Bordello, the popular night club just of Grafton Street, here in our wonderful city of Dublin, the ever popular Ringsend Rock School staged a concert in aid of C.R.Y.  As you may have read in a recent article, the members of Ringsend Rock School Seniors, with the help of local businesses, recorded a lovely single entitled “Elenora” with all cash raised from it going to C.R.Y.

The single, which I myself bought for this charity, is a heart warming balled and at the moment, its one of my favourite CD singles that I play in the car while I am driving.

Well, in Lillys’ Bordello the other night, we got the chance to see them perform this lovely track live, and we were treated for an evening of live entertainment, the set was opened up by a local balladeer who played three beautiful tunes perfectly despite technical issues.

Next up, Conor Hamilton, no stranger to our offices performed his latest iTunes offering “You’ve got it in you”. Conor, who had to dash from one gig to another looked very relaxed on the stage and had a brilliant performance. Conor can and has delivered in the past, his ability to engage with the crowd is one of his strong points. Conor then gave us a few of his latest offerings that haven’t even been released yet, no doubt that when they are they should do him and his fans very proud.

Up next were the Ringsend Rock School who preformed “Elenora” this was followed with a few covers from the Arctic Monkeys ,and Palo Nutini, to name a few. This group consist of 3 males and 3 Females, and they are Robyn Harrison, Brandon Larkin, Jodie Harrison, Niamh Bradshaw, Danny Gregg, and Aaron Hamilton. What makes this group a bit unique is their ability to interchange instruments between tracks, each member seems to be multi – disciplined.

The set finished with Evil Empire, this group originates from the seniors of Ringsend Rock School. The chap playing lead guitar was just great, he threw it around with the same disdain as Cobain reborn, and played it like it had air strings just totally brilliant. These guys have what it takes to go out on to the bigger stages.  Aaron the lead singer has a presence among the large ensemble that captivated the audience.

Would I pay again to see them play, my answer is YES.

All cash raised on the night and any cash raised from the sales of the CD goes to C.R.Y.  You may also be able to obtain the single “Elenora” by going directly on to their web page its


The Klares Giving It Socks!

The Klares Giving It Socks!

The Klares at The Academy

Following on from the great show on Friday, I went to The Academy the next day on Saturday to see an upcoming and other friend of the Fountain, The Klares, who played and supported “Big September”. The Academy must have been happy with its takings as a large crowd had made the journey for the event.

The Klares opened their set of seven songs with one of their original songs called “Sundance Solider” of their “Dirty Bird” EP.  This was followed by a cover of The Who’s seminal classic “My Generation”, the bulk of their set list was made up of their own stuff from the EP and I have to tell as I have before, these guys are going places.  The Klares finished with their own rendition of “Voodoo Child”, a song often copied but always with few exceptions a crowd pleaser.

I have been to a few gigs over the last year or so and have seen The Klares play, but last Saturday’s has to be one of their best ever. When I met them last year they were just a couple of teenagers who had dreams of making it, last Saturday their dream was fast becoming a reality, they simply just rocked. This very unique 4 piece group are Jordan Lawless on Bass, and also provides backing vocalists, Andy Burke, singer and rhythm guitar, Eoin O Shea who plays lead guitar, and their drummer Cormac Sheridan, Eoin, Cormac and Jordan also provide backing vocals for a richer sound. Andy came alive on stage with his dancing skills, a reminder of Suggs from Madness, which of course is cool. Adding to the Madness vibe was their own very cool dress code of white shirts, ties and black chinos.

I have watched these four lads lay their foundation in this very tough business and if Saturday’s gig was anything to go by we the fans, are in for future treats.

What a weekend of gigs! Now for my leaba!


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