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The Gorgeous Giant by Leah Kenny

The Gorgeous Giant by Leah Kenny

Once upon a time there was a gorgeous giant. He lived in a small town called Saint Patrick’s town. His name was Patrick. He was 20 years old.

He was a very gorgeous giant. Everybody thought that he was so gorgeous. He had blue eyes and brown hair and lovely clothes.

People even thought that he was rich and he had tons of money. But he lived in a cottage with his ma.

He found a football and he went to the village to play with it. All the kids came out to play and he was doing cool tricks with it. The kids were happy. Then doctor doom came and stole the ball. The kids were very worried. But Patrick the giant went to his lair. He saw the ball.

Doctor doom heard a sound. Patrick was scared. Doctor doom said show yourself or you die. Patrick didn’t move a muscle. He was scared. He quickly ran out and he grab the ball and ran out of the lair.

Doctor doom chased him all around the village. Patrick ran his fastest. The kids ran over to Patrick. Hide doctor doom is coming they said. He is coming for the ball.

Ha-ha you will never get away with this. Patrick you will never get away with this I will be back said Doctor Doom. Have your little ball back. I will get that ball one day one day I will get that ball. Then Doctor Doom vanished.

The kids were happy and they all played football.

The kids and Patrick were happy to the end.

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This Fountain Youth Computer Story was created by Leah Kenny (Aged 7)

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