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St. Patrick by Hannah

Saint Patrick was born in Britain in the 4th century. When Saint Patrick was 16 years old he was captured by Irish pirates. They broth him back to Ireland and he was sold into slavery in Dalriada where his job was to tend sheep. After 6 years they let Patrick free and he went back to France and was turned into a Bishop by the Pope and went back to Ireland.

Oh, did you know that saint Patricks real name is Maewyn Succat.

This is going to blow your heads off: Saint Patrick did a great trick. He got rid of all of the snakes in Ireland. And he taught people about God. He got killed on 17th of march 460ish so this is Paddy’s Day.

By Hannah, age 9.

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  1. alan finn says:

    Very well done, Hannah I hope we have a new writer well done.

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