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Our Junior Youth have been discovering the Globe for Brazil 2014

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We got our little keyboard warriors in the spirit of the World Cup to tell us a little about their favourite country.  A Fountain Junior Youth Fact finging mission if you will.


Brazil by John

  1. Brazil is the largest country in South America.
  2. The Name Brazil comes from a tree named Brazil wood.
  3. It is called Brazil in Portuguese the official language spoken in Brazil.
  4. Brazil is the only country in South America that speaks Portuguese.
  5. The population in 2012 was around 194 million people.


Facts about Spain by Paula

  1. The Spanish name for Spain is Espana.
  2. The largest city and capital of Spain is Madrid.
  3. The population of Spain in 2012 was around 42 million.
  4. The 1992 summer Olympic Games were held in Barcelona.
  5. It is believed that modern humans first arrived in Spain around 32000 years ago.


Facts about South Africa by Kyle


  1. In 2011the population of South Africa was around 52 million.
  2. South Africa has three capital cites, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, and Pretoria.
  3. South Africa has 11 official languages including Zulu and English.
  4. South Africa is home to loads of animals including giraffes. Hippopotamus leopards and lions.
  5. In 2010 South Africa hosted the FIFA world cup



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