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Finally, we have Our Christmas Junior Youth Pics!

It took us long enough but we finally have our Junior Youth Christmas Pics and stories for your enjoyment! We’re Sorry for the delay. 


Blakes Snowan Age 5

Blakes Snowan Age 5


Holly’s Snowman Age 7

Holly's Snowman Age 7

Leytos snow man age 9

leytos snow man age 9
Rebecca Age 6

Rebecca's Christmas asge 6

Ruby’s Snowman Age 5

Ruby's Snowman Age 5

Sam’s Christmas Picture Age 5

Sam's Christmas Picture Age 5

Tadgh’s Snowman Age 5

Tadgh's Snowman Age 5


And here’s some stories from our kids too! 


Elf hunt

The elves were getting ready for Christmas and Santa was getting the sacks and they were very heavy. Santa looked in the bag and they were full with stones. Santa said ‘oh noooooo, the presents are gone’. Everyone thought Christmas was going to be ruined but an elf looked out and he saw a bunch of presents leading away from the North Pole.

They followed the presents to a big castle and they made a trap. An elf rang the bell and the evil dog came out and they pulled the rope and they caught the evil dog. They tied the dog up and they rang the police. They discovered the dog was a robot so they knew there was someone controlling the dog and there was a chip in his head. They pulled it out and there was a camera so they put him in jail forever.


The End happy chritmas HoHOho

By Kyle, Age 8.


Ghosts Steal Christmas

On Christmas Eve I was excited because Santa was coming to my house but when I woke up there was no presents underneath the tree. I was flabbergasted. I went to look for the presents. I went to a mansion and I talked to the owner.  He told me to go to the castle of the city to look for clues so I went there. I went to the castle. I talked to the owner. He told me to go to the old library in the castle basement. I took a Book from the shelf.

It opened a secret passage way. I went down it. There was a page at the bottom. It said ‘Ghosts are steeling Christmas, Hurry!’ So I ran like the wind and I went to the graveyard. I heard something and I looked up and I saw Ghosts. I knew I had to get my ghost-zapper. I took out all the ghosts like a piece of cake. I dug the graves and found the presents. I gave the people of the city their presents and they were all very happy that Super Billy had saved the day and Christmas.

The End.


Silly Santa and the Clever Fairy Godmother

Once upon a time there was a man called Santa Clause. He was getting ready for Christmas but Santa’s crazy brother, Silly Santa,  came along  and tide him up and Silly Santa robbed Santa’s sleigh .Then Silly Santa rode off on the sleigh but all the elves like Ken seen him accept for Timmy. Normal Santa heard something. Silly Santa thought that he was getting away. Then a fairy godmother came and told all the elves a plan .The fairy godmother gave some powers to all the elves so all the elves ran to find Silly Santa.

They worked as a team and eventually the elves and the fairy godmother caught him. The elves and the fairy godmother got the sack and the sleigh and the elves and the fairy godmother brought the sack and the sleigh back to Santa Clause. The fairy godmother went back to her palace and the elves told Santa that the sack and the sleigh was on the roof so Santa said to the elves ‘you have all just saved Christmas’. Then Santa said ‘ho ho ho ho, Merry Christmas’ and Santa delivered all the presents.


Once Again, we’re really sorry for being late with the pics!  Heres a teddy bear, look at his face! You have to forgive us! 


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