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Dublin’s Rap Scene Growls with a New Talent – Cale Smith

Dublin's Rap Scene Growls with a new Talent - Cale Smith

Dublin’s Rap-Scene – Growls with a New Talent Cale Smith

Cale Smith is just 17 years old, a West Finglas Native, unassuming nice guy and already has his first Rap EP out in the public domain. The EP, “This Is It” was released before last Christmas. Not bad for a young man who only started to rap less than 2 years ago. It has been followed this week with the release of his first video “Could Happen To You”, which features the efforts of his younger brother, Preston who is only 8!  The video also contains guest appearance by Mic P another rapper who also lends his vocals on the rest of the EP.

Recently Cale and his younger cousin Cody came down to Fatima, here in Dublin 8, to talk about his expectations.  I asked him once he settled down what gives him the drive to push himself on?

“It’s just in me, sometimes I may write a line down then the rest will just flow, and before you have it I have a song, then I add the music, and before I know it I have a tune.”

 I asked him did he ever get writer’s block?  “Sure, what writer doesn’t?” He nonchalantly replies.  I can identify with Cale, sometimes the words just don’t come. When we broach the subject of inspiration, his answer is immediate, an Irish rapper by the name of “Lunatic” another who has sadly passed on in recent years. Rap has still to grab the mainstream in Ireland and I can see what someone like “Lunatic” meant to young Cale.

Cale has collaborated with other young rappers in this emerging Irish scene such as “Top-Notch” on the track “I’m a Queen Bee”, which Cale helped to write, they also shot a video for said track in Funderland last January. He has also worked with Ms Elaine Harrington aka “Miss Elayneous”, one of the better known female rappers who helped Cale with his very first gig. Elaine who is also from Finglas is a very talented musician and is always ready to help others if asked. She was very recently on a RTE reality show called” Connected”. It was from working with Elaine, that Cale wrote and performed his very first song titled “My Victory”.

Cale seems to have experience beyond his young years as he lends his advice to emerging rappers.

“A rapper should never give up, if you want it, you have to keep it going, and if you feel it inside follow it outside and it should all come together for you.”

Rap is becoming quite the outlet for young talent in Ireland, as more of our youth are getting involved.  The Smith family not only have Cale but his younger brother Preston, and his cousin Clive Dunne, are also in on the act, writing and performing rap at just at 8 years old!

Cale is delighted with his EP sales and is quite surprised at the sales rate.  His expectations have more than been surpassed.  It is wonderful to see giving young Irish artists a chance, in a world, were major global machines spurn out the next success story.  I have been listening to his EP since Christmas, and one of my favourite tunes of it is called “Live for It Die for It”, it’s a great song, and a great EP, a delight to listen to.

As I said the EP is out now you can click on to Cale Smith’s FB page to get a copy, or to look at his new video. As I have my copy on my I-Pod and in the car. For those who want a copy of Cale Smith’s signed EP, be the 1st and 2nd person to answer this question:

What was Cale’s first song he wrote and performed?

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We at the Fountain Resource Group, your favourite online digital newswire, would like to wish Cale great success.

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  1. Lorraine youth worker says:

    Hello Vale
    My name is Lorraine and I am a youth worker in Dun Laoghaire. We are holding a intergenerational Concert on Wednesday 16th November and we would love to feature a young rapper like your self . Would you be willing to donate your time it’s a charity gig. If so please get in touch..many thanks

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