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Counselling/Psychotherapy Service

The Fountain Resource Group is offering a free cost confidential counselling service within the Dublin 8 area.

Ava Stapleton, our counsellor, is a fully accredited counsellor with the IACP   (Irish Association of counsellors and psychotherapists).

Presently there is no waiting list and an appointment can be provided within a week.

Our Services order tramadol by phone offer support for addiction and including bereavement, suicide prevention, health problems, sexual abuse, gender identity problems, parenting and depression.

Ring Ava for Appointment at 086 4043109

Our offices are St James’ Presbytery (adjacent to St James Church in the car park), James Street, Dublin 8

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  1. Dawn says:

    I will have to look these people up as I am currently looking for a psychotherapists in the Dublin area and have had no joy so far. Thanks for the post.

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