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Wood Quay Summer Sessions


Looking out of my window today, I have to conclude that summer is not in the air at all. But do not let that thought keep you indoors. The Wood Quay Summer Sessions is an outdoor series of concerts that are being held at the Wood Quay Amphitheatre in Dublin 8 and will be held throughout the month of July.

It is conveniently held from 1 pm to 2 pm (lunchtime for most working people) so that you can take your Subway and drink and enjoy a lunch with a different taste. And taste is what it is all about.

There is Jazz, Hip Hop, Orchestral and more on the menu. First Music Contact, Improvised Music Company, Music Network and the Contemporary Music Centre are joining hands with Dublin City Council to bring music to the newly revamped Amphitheatre at Dublin City Council’s Civic Offices.

There is three sessions still remaining – on the 14th, 21st and 28th of July.

14th of July – Sean MacErlaine and Alex Petcu Colan

21st of July – Profound and MKAI

28th of July – Laoise O’Brien & Michael O’Toole and Michelle O’Brien, Eamonn De Barra and Jesse Smith

Don’t let the bad weather stop you from enjoying some outdoor music this summer, take an umbrella, it will also provide you with some shade, because we all know the weather here in Ireland is as unpredictable as is the next elections.

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