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Within My Skin


Within My Skin

The only housing worth worrying about
Is the skin that protects my bones
As it houses all I have in life
From all outsides undertones

And inside my head there’s a brain
To guide me through the day
To tell me all that I should do
And help me safely along my way

And deep within the motor room
Pumping my lifeline from the start
It’s something I can’t do without
The constant beating of my heart

And my cooling system is my lungs
Where flows the air I breathe
If they don’t work then I’m in a fix
As they draw in the air I need

My eyes work in unison with my brain
To image the things that I see
And guide me safely along my way
Showing me just where I should be

And my mouth is just a microphone
That emits the words in my head
And my ears they listen to the sounds
Enabling answers to things that’s said

And my fuel is food that I eat each day
That builds up neutrons of a sort
A power to run my engine on
Without it my life would abort

And the cleansing within my holding tank
Will break down food and get rid of waste
Of solids and of a watery kind
Removing it without much haste

And my legs will take me where I want
And my arms to me do the most
They help me celebrate all I got
By rising my glass for this toast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy New Year to all on FRG and to all who visit the site.

Best Wishes

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3 Responses

  1. Tony Gorman says:

    A Future Script 12th January 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    Freedom of speech be it oral or pen
    Has been a law instigated since the creation of men
    And those who oppose must have something to hide
    Afraid of exposure on their slippery slide

    For the power of the pen will defeat in the end
    Be it written in scripts, or in emails we send
    As united we stand and divided we fall
    But the truth will be written to champion our call

    And those that reply by their terrorists threats
    The pen will prevail by the teaching it sets
    As the voice of all prophets is written in scripts
    And to love one another was a verse from their lips

    And anarchist’s using the Bibles to fight
    Should read in its lines that war isn’t right
    And to kill and to maim is a passage to hell
    For to hurt one another is a thought to dispel

    And the use of the pen should dispose of the gun
    And reading some writings can be serious or fun
    And objections can be written right there and then
    This will show the true purpose and the power of the pen

    In the wake of last week’s horrendous happenings in France I felt compelled to write this poem.

  2. Jane Green says:

    Hi Tony,

    I really enjoyed reading Within My Skin, it reminds me of what my body should be like.
    Still even when bits fall off each year I am still able to laugh and enjoy each day.

    A Future Script, It was a very sad day.

  3. Tony Gorman says:

    Big Bang or What? 20th January 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    Evolution of the earth is a mystery to retain
    The scientists will be adamant of their big bang theory claim
    Religions try to argue that their scriptures have it right
    While science D&A brings new evidence to light

    There are contradictions everywhere be it written in the scripts
    Or checked out in a laboratory from old particles or relic bits
    And archaeologists who dig and find artefacts from the past
    Are brought into some arguments to help some theories last

    And questions will be raised can our future be foretold
    In science or in scriptures will the truth of life unfold?
    And the writings of Nostradamus and the forecast that he made
    In old he’d be sorcerer conjuring up tricks of his trade

    But who should we believe as we go from day to day
    Should we believe the scriptures and carry out the things they say
    Or believe the scientific evidence of how the world evolved
    Or believe that God had made the world, will our queries be resolved?

    We started off our life as a teeny- weeny seed
    And we get to where were going by a wonderful act and deed
    This happens by the body’s blast-off with no thoughts of evolution
    And another baby that will be born to ponder the solution

    Whatever is the answer I suppose in time we’ll know?
    When we float off this mortal coil and our wings they start to show
    Then we’ll believe in angels and we’ll fly around all day
    And no more we’ll have to worry of what the scripts or boffins say

    I sat and listened to two men sitting near me in a café arguing about how the world came about and thought does it matter.
    But it does as it inspired me to write this poem and that can’t be bad.

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