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Wales v Ireland/Six Nation’s Clash on the 14th of March


Wales v Ireland/Six Nation’s Clash on the 14th of March

The leek against the shamrock
The dragon against the slayer
All warriors in an arena
A battle so tough but so fair

The supporters all dressed for the occasion
In their colours of red and of green
And that walk to the Millennium stadium
Will be a truly hypnotic scene

As the band strikes up both teams Anthem’s
And the supporters sing aloud in one voice
And a silence will follow the singing
As Wales take the kick off by choice

Two great kickers will be on show there
One in green and the other in red
Jonathan Saxon leading for Ireland
And George North doesn’t miss much it’s said

And the scrums are all pumped up with muscle
As they try to win the battles of power
Against the head which team will waver?
For they’ve practiced this hour after hour

And the line outs will gain them advantage
As the rolling maul heads towards the line
And a break and a lunge will be needed
Then the referee calls out “the try’s fine”

Then we’ll hold our breath for the conversion
As the kicker views the posts that’s ahead
And he’ll run and he’ll kick with precision
And the cheer will be for green or for red

We’ll remember the overall outcome
For both teams they will never give way
And the story will be of mistakes made
Handing glory to the winner’s that day

And our spirits will be up in the clouds
Like the garryown kicking of height
And we hope it’s the greens that prevail
To start our Patricks Day celebrations that night


“Come on you Greens”
May the luck of the shamrock be with you as I’m sure St Patrick will be neutral on the day.

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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    Cheltenham Festival 10th March 2015 by Tony Gorman

    Colours so bright like a kaleidoscope light
    Mingling in everyone’s brain
    Good is the going of the turf under hooves
    As sunshine replaces the rain

    Horses well groomed from head to tail
    Head lad’s feeling as proud as punch
    Hoping a prize will come their way
    As the best groomed is the pick of the bunch

    The jockeys take notice of what trainers say
    In the paddock before the race starts
    And then they mount up and go out on the course
    A place not advised for faint hearts

    Then up on the rostrum the starter will go
    As he raises a flag in one hand
    And all of the horses move up in a line
    And take off at the starters command

    They head for the first of the fences
    With the right stride they’ll sail through the air
    And on the other side land full of running
    Hearts in mouth but they’ll all land with care

    And the crowd they gasp and they cheer
    At the jockeyship shown on the day
    As the eventual winner comes to the last
    Pings it easily and wins running away

    And the celebration will start’s for the Irish
    As their winners run wild in each race
    And the trophies are presented to connections
    And they accept them with poise and with grace

    And regardless of winners or losers
    The Cheltenham festival is the greatest of all
    And we’ll return year after year to cheer
    With “Come on Ruby” as our echoing call

    I felt we owed Ruby Walsh a little poem as he never lets his Irish fans down when he rides at Cheltenham.
    Happy Patricks Day: to all on site and to those who visit the site.

  2. Admin says:

    Thanks as always Tony!

    And have a good St Patricks Day, I’d say have a memorable one, but that seems an oddity for us all!


  3. Tony Gorman says:

    Ireland the Six Nations Champions 21nd March 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    Anthems sounding to a singing chorus
    All decked out in their team’s attire
    Awaiting for the referee’s whistle
    With” A Soldier’s Song” setting the air on fire

    As our valiant boys done us proud
    As all the fans cried out aloud
    Ireland, Ireland was their call
    And the team they rallied just to show us all

    Their strength it showed right from the start
    Their passion breaking each Scotsman’s heart
    With each attack the Thistle dwindled
    As the fire of the Irish was stoked and rekindled

    Until the Scot’s could play no part
    To deter the surge of the Irish teams heart
    And the score built up to set the trend
    And bring the six nations to a victories end

    And although the English closed the gap
    The French they made their spirits snap
    They fought to keep the points at bay
    And turned the tide the Irish way

    And once more our team has brought us glory
    Another trophy that tells the story
    Of the Irish teams spirit that did succeed
    And fulfil their nations sporting need
    To win the coveted Six Nations crown
    And leave the runner’s up to rue and frown
    And bring some unity to our land
    Now let’s raise a glass to our gallant band

    To each and every one of our Irish Team!!!!!! Long may they reign as Champions, Hip-hip-hooray.
    And again for our Gallant Ladies who also brought us glory as Champions, Hip-hip-hooray.

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