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Tunisia/Massacre of the Innocents


Tunisia/Massacre of the Innocents  27th June 2015 by/Tony Gorman

Once more the violence comes to us
From far across the sea
In places fit for holiday’s
Where only peace should be

Some evil men they filled the air
Spraying bullets everywhere
Aiming randomly and aimlessly
Without a thought or care

These killings they are mindless
Of evil growing wild
No thoughts of who they’re killing
Be it parents or a child

They claim it is religious
What religion would claim this?
No god would be a part
Of a Lucifer’s killing kiss

And these cowards without a mind
Who are brainwashed through and through
They walk their paths among us
Without a thought for you

For good will conquer evil
And stop their mindless fight
As these barbaric senseless killings
Will cause all countries to unite

And justice will prevail
Through the anguish and the tears
To restore some peace in this violent world
Leaving those fanatics to live in fear

My deepest sympathy to all the families of the innocent people that died in the horrendous terror attack in Tunisia last week and may all those that were wounded recover in body and mind to enable them to carry on with their lives.

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