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This Christmas Day


This Christmas Day 

In a mixed up world full of violence and pain
When just one day of peace on this earth is our gain
And the worries we have are shelved for one day
And bless those that’s sick is a prayer that we say
And compassion is shown for all those that’s in need
And to help those that’s lonely will be part of our deed
And we offer a prayer for our loved ones that’s past
For we know in our hearts that their memories will last
And we watch as the children open up all their gifts
Of dolls and prams and cars parked in garages with lifts
And other assortments of games that kids play
To bring smiles to their faces on this Christmas Day
And when we sit down to tuck into our meal
With the cracker hats on us, we’ll look so surreal
They are part of the things that we all do each year
To bring happiness and love and some real Christmas cheer
And we’ll pray when the New Year’s chimes they ring out
That the call for world peace will be an echoing shout
So to end up my poem just let me say
Have a wonderful Christmas and peace to all on the day

To Eoghan and all the writers on FRG
and to all those who visit the site
have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.

I’ll be back next year with more poems
Take care

6 Responses

  1. Admin says:


    We would just like to thank you for your beautiful poetry throughout the year.

    It has received plenty of compliments from people in our organisation and from much further a field. Your posts bring a warmth to this site that is much needed.

    On behalf of the Fountain Resource Group, We would like to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and look forward to your poems in 2015!


    Eoghan (Editor)


    Tom (FRG Coordinator)

  2. Pauline and Alan says:

    Lovely words and let’s hope for peace and for people to love one another

  3. Julie Cottenden says:

    Tony, what a lovely poem, Christmas all wrapped up in words!
    Have a great Christmas and peaceful New Year.

  4. Jane says:

    Thanks for such a lovely poem to end the year. I wish you a Happy Christmas and a peaceful New year. and look forward to your poems in 2015.

  5. Tony Gorman says:

    Many thanks to Alan, Pauline, Julie, Jane and all who read my poems

    Within my Skin 1st January 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    The only housing worth worrying about
    Is the skin that protects my bones
    As it houses all I have in life
    From all outsides undertones

    And inside my head there’s a brain
    To guide me through the day
    To tell me all that I should do
    And help me safely along my way

    And deep within the motor room
    Pumping my lifeline from the start
    It’s something I can’t do without
    The constant beating of my heart

    And my cooling system is my lungs
    Where flows the air I breathe
    If they don’t work then I’m in a fix
    As they draw in the air I need

    My eyes work in unison with my brain
    To image the things that I see
    And guide me safely along my way
    Showing me just where I should be

    And my mouth is just a microphone
    That emits the words in my head
    And my ears they listen to the sounds
    Enabling answers to things that’s said

    And my fuel is food that I eat each day
    That builds up neutrons of a sort
    A power to run my engine on
    Without it my life would abort

    And the cleansing within my holding tank
    Will break down food and get rid of waste
    Of solids and of a watery kind
    Removing it without much haste

    And my legs will take me where I want
    And my arms to me do the most
    They help me celebrate all I got
    By rising my glass for this toast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy New Year to all on FRG and to all who visit the site.

    Best Wishes


  6. Jo says:

    Love this one tons. This one speaks volumes, be sure to add the backbone the wish bone and the funny bone. Well done Tony G nice to read all the ones I had missed. Greetings to you and yours and to all on this terrific site too. best wishes from the USA.

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