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The Pumpkin


The Pumpkin – Keeping with the Halloween Spirit, Tony Gorman writes a poem about when the pumpkin army comes to life! Now we need recipes!

The Pumpkin 

The orange glow of pumpkin fruit
Spread far across the land
Just like a field of soldiers
Awaiting their command

With Halloween almost here
The orders will come soon
And they’ll be carved to show a face
Lit by a candle and light of moon

And they’ll sit inside a window
With a glow that’s full of grace
And watch the children trick and treat
With that smile upon their face

They’ll be remembered for the carving
Of their mouths that rise or droop
And their eyes and noses like triangles
And that taste of pumpkin soup

And new recipes will be written
On the Fountain Resource Group site
Of new ways of cooking pumpkins
With your meal on Halloween night

And the seeds will be regrown
To return next Halloween
As they grow a field of orange
From their vines of Irish green

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