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Poets Corner: To The Outsiders

homeless people in Dublin, IrelandTo the people with their piercing eyes, the ones who try to look in to me not meet my gaze, I didn’t want to end up on the streets

I just lost my ways

To the people who speak with their eyes, this was never meant to happen to me, it wasn’t in one of my dreams

I became homeless after I lost my home, first went my job then the wife took what was rightly mine and got me barred from my own home

To the people looking in I am human just like you, if I appear to be un-washed or un-shaven doesn’t mean I wasn’t looking for a place to have a wash

To the people looking in, I never thought I would end up like this begging for food, fighting for sleep, God knows I have forgotten to count the sheep

I sit down on this bit of land, because no one seems to be able to give me a hand, I have no address, no dole, but I have a soul

The begging bowl in my hand is to support me so I can eat, the sleeping bag that I sit on is the only thing I have in the world at the moment that’s dear to me

I don’t do drugs and seldom take a drink but when I go out into public out houses I am always ordered out

I am not a shop lifter so I don’t rob or lift, to you and them I am a down in out but I am a human and I feel like you the pain and the ache

To the people with piercing eyes that only want to see what their heart wants them to see, I am a human been and I have feelings too

I may not matter to you but I do to some, I am like a lost sheep at the moment but things will change and change will come

Then someone new will re-place, I am human I belong to this race the Lord, God watches over as I am one of his sheep….

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