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Poets Corner: It’s Life, But Not As I Know It

Man Lying Down In Fetal Position In Jail Cell

Having been inspired by Alan Finn’s pieces relating to the issue of drugs, I decided to submit some of my own work which was done during my time in detox and residential rehab. It was the beginning of a journey that ended up changing my life. Over the coming weeks, the have kindly agreed to publish a series of my poems, one each week, in chronological order. Here is the second of those…

Looking from my prison window, watching life and normal people,
Wondering how the hell they cope without their soothing, calming dope.
Life’s so hard for all those fools, living by their petty rules,
With perfect hair and smiling faces, filing to their important places.

My life’s easier, no rushing about, just sitting smoking, goofing out,
No rules, no deadlines or endless toil, except for maybe finding foil.
A lighter, tooter and a bag of gear, that’s my life sorted, year to year,
It numbs the pain and hides emotions like some soothing magic potion.

But life’s not easy, I’m so full of shit, I’m really hiding in my sorry pit,
Afraid of life and what is real, afraid of how I really feel.
Now the sun is rising on a brand new day, I’ve a chance to change my crippled ways,
I have the right to live a happy life and learn to love my kids and wife.

It won’t be easy and the road is long, I’ll have to learn to right my wrongs.
The time is right, the time is now, to live my life and to learn how.

IMAGE: Man Lying Down In Fetal Position In Jail Cell – image credit: Borghetti/Flickr

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