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Poets Corner: You Drug Pusher

Needle for intravenous drug useThe clothes on your back were stolen by an addict, you didn’t give them money you gave them Crack

You are a drug pusher no one wants

Your neighbors happily play along but what you don’t know that they are sticking their dagger in to your back once your back is turned

You’re a drug pusher no one wants

Passing neighbors look what you have got a car, a caravan, horses that are specially kept, motor bikes for your sons

But you are a drug pusher that no one wants

Your wife or girlfriend is so happy she has everything she wants, the latest kitchen and auto TV’s, tiles here tiles there

But what use is it when no one wants you’re a drug pusher

The dole has cut your payments of Job seekers, and your partner has lost her unmarried payments this is typical can’t you see

You are a drug pusher no one wants

The Guards have paid you yet another visit they smashed up your pride and joy, your lovely soft top Bmw, and your girlfriend has just left

Unless you stop selling the crack the brown or the ginger as you call it, no one wants you

You are a drug pusher and your destroying our community so stop what you are doing, and give it some time

Before you know it you will be ok, once you don’t peddle again you will be counted in and all this will just be a hasty memory

Join Us And Don’t Push Drugs

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