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Paris in Mourning 15th November 2015


Paris in Mourning 15th November 2015

Emptiness fills the space that laughter use to fill
And the silence it is deafening in the air so cold and still
And tears replace the smiles for a city filled with pain
And disbelief surrounds everyone for an act that was insane

A place where lovers use to stroll in the romantic Paris air
A horrendous thing has happened sending people to despair
For it happened on a night like any night before
When evil struck so violently within the city core

When radicals with bombs and guns brought Paris to its knees
And death and mayhem took its role upon the evening breeze
As bodies littered everywhere from bullets as they flew
And the fear was multiplying as the death toll grew and grew

No pity from their slayers as randomly they killed
A haunting time to cope in life as if all time stood still
And when the horror mist had cleared and reality it struck home
The world held France in its embrace to show it’s not alone

Now our unity will help the French to cope from day to day
To bring them strength and peace of mind of new hope to come their way
And show them our allegiance is true in everything we do
By rallying in solidarity around their flag of Red and White and Blue

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