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Old Dublin in Photos 1930 – 1970

Old Dublin in Photos 1940 – 1970

In this article, we take a peak at the National Library of Ireland’s collection of photographs of Dublin truly in the rare auld times.  Have a look.

The following photos are courtesy of  National Library of Ireland on The Commons


Ging's of Dame Street

Gings on Dame Street


Barney and Beany

Outside St Catherine’s Church Summer 1969

Busiest boy in Dublin has been identified

Merchants Arch 1969

All the Sixes

O’Connell Street 1964

Garda directing traffic, O'Connell Bridge, Dublin

O’Connell Street Bridge – Garda Directing Traffic 1964

Grafton Street

Grafton Street 1947

Lucky Elephant

Irish Hospital Sweep Stakes 1935


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  1. Keithley says:

    I am looking for photographs of Forte’s Cafe on Dean Street in Dublin, possibly from the 1920’s/30s/40s. Can you help?

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