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“Oh Yes” I remember it well


“Oh Yes” I remember it well 14th December 2015 by/Tony Gorman

Remember those days when we were young
And Christmas came our way
And the dreams of all our presents
Were delivered on a sleigh

And that jolly man who brought them
With his calls of ho- ho- ho
With his white beard and red outfit
He stole the Christmas show

How did he know my secret?
Of a toy garage and some cars
And the rocket ship I needed
For my imaginary trip to mars

He never even woke my dad
Tiptoeing across the floor
I was told he used the chimney
But I was sure he used the door

As our chimney was full of soot
And his clothes was always clean
And my mum left him some nice mince pies
For she was kind and never mean

And when we woke on Christmas morning
All the toys were there in place
My garage with some coloured cars
And my rocket to fly in space

Those innocent days have long gone now
And the grandchildren fill our shoes
They ask for phones and IPads
And princess dresses of yellows and blues

Now we sit back and watch it all
And raise a glass of wine or beer
Remembering all those days back then
That brought us Christmas cheer
“Happy Christmas”
To everyone on the Fountain Resource Group site and to all my friends who visit the site to read my poems.

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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    A Storm called Frank 31stDecembr 2015 by/by Tony Gorman

    On a flood soaked plain they tried in vain
    To stop the river’s rising high
    With sandbags filling weakened banks
    As the rain clouds hovered in the sky

    The winds they raised to gale-force strength
    And the heavens opened wide
    The seas became a turbulent force
    At the rising of the tide

    Immersed with sea and heavy rain
    The waters pushed inshore
    As the people prayed for calmness
    But alas it rained much more

    And the waters filled the rivers
    Overflowing them everywhere
    Engulfing people’s houses
    Leaving them in much despair

    For the waters drowned the bridges
    And forced them to succumb
    As the bricks and concreted crumbled
    With a crashing crunching boom

    And those stranded and in danger
    Tried their best to stay alive
    As the valiant rescue services
    Helped those people to survive

    As the water’s height rescinded
    Showing the damage it left behind
    And community spirits lifted
    By the helpers of all kind

    For the resilience of the people
    Showed their courage beyond compare
    As they cleaned up all the debris
    With new hope for all to share

    And they’ll pray to the lord of nature
    For their future years ahead
    That the storm’s will keep their distance
    Leaving happy days instead

    May I wish everyone who visits the FRG site a very happy New Year.
    And to all those poor people who suffered from the recent storms and floods may the New Year ease your suffering and help you return to normality, my heart and prayers goes out to you in your plight.

  2. Admin says:

    Thanks Tony…and same to you

    Lot of people hit by that flooding, the midlands are in an awful state.

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