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“Listen” New open mike nite for young musicians in Solas Bar


Song and music can lift ones heart and bring people together. On Sunday 8th June I was invited to an open mike where people can sing, play an instrument or both. “Listen” is a new service that has been put together by James Hamilton, the father of the up and coming singer/song writer Conor Hamilton.  James felt that there are a lot of opportunists out there who could conceivably make money of young musicians.  He went on to set up the open mike gig between 4pm and 7pm in Solas on Wexford Street, in the hope that they would have a safe environment to play and gain confidence in their abilities.

James talked to me about the importance providing such a  welcoming and a safe place for all young musicians to come out and play.   He believed that it will also be a place where they can meet other musicians and open up a network for all budding musicians out there.

“Listen”, in my opinion, is what we need for the young and new musicians out thereto hopefully point them in the right direction that they need to go.  It acts as an open forum for all genres of music, with “Listen” it really doesn’t matter what kind of music one plays. There is no que either, you just show up and take the mike and off you go. While I was there last Sunday, the talent on display was brilliant as I sat in amazement in the upstairs snug in Solar.

First up, was the native young Dubliner himself Conor Hamilton, who just reached in to his amazing collection of tunes and just sang his heart out.  This does not surprise me as he has always put on a show and I know I’ve become quite the fan.

Next up was a young man from Lexlip, who travelled all the way in just to be there his name was Aaron Corcoran, a name you wont forget because this young man was like a young Bob Dylan, a guitar and a harmonic set up, and a excellent voice to dance in between.  This very unique singer/song writer has what it takes to be one of the freshest and best up coming Irish artists out there, playing in the Dylan folk/rockabilly style, keep an eye out for him.

Next up was a guitarist by the name of Brandon, I missed his second name, my fault, sorry Brandon, but he did do an excellent cover of the ever so popular Palo Nunti song ” Candy ” he too had me in totally shock you swear Palo  Nunti was in front of me, terrific.

Taylor Hamilton is the younger sister to Conor, who was brought up in the operatic singer vain, a Soprano,  came up on to the stage and did two covers. Taylor too has that wonderful gift of singing and can also play the keyboard, the drums, and the Bass.  Some people have all the talent!

The day was a wonderful collage of musical styles and if last Sunday was anything to go by,” Listen”, will open doors for those who wish to become the next big star!

“Listen” is upstairs of Solas pub, on Wexford Street, Dublin, there is no que, you just show up and then get up on the stage, plus you don’t have to hang around for hours in some little over crowed little pub awaiting for your set to do a song, its open every Sunday from 4pm to 7pm, there is a €2.00 charge this is to cover the ESB, venue costs etc. believe me it will be the best €2.00 you will ever spend. If you play a guitar bring it, or whatever instrument you may play, a keyboard is on site for the dextrous, come along and enjoy the fun!

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