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Listen, Hissen, Hissen!


Listen, Hissen, Hissen! is a six-piece instrumental sound group that will be performing for one night only at IMMA on Wednesday the 22nd of June.

Six Dublin visual artists forms the group Listen, Hissen, Hissen!, they are Karl Burke, Jessica Conway, Teresa Gillespie, Jonathan Mayhew, Suzanne Walsh and Lee Welch.

“Hessin” is an urban phrase used to describe a person who is into doing illegal things and who has no other plan than to party.

The group will be ‘throwing a party to agitate the audience deliberately’ during The Passion According to Carol Rama exhibition, by using digital sounds, voice, musical instruments, human touch, and objects in the gallery.

Carol Rama (1918-2015) is an Italian artist. A selection of almost two hundred of her works that features topics like sexuality, madness, animalism, life and death that she had developed over seven decades are on exhibition at IMMA.

Listen, Hissen, Hissen! will add to these “rebellious topics” with their performance by causing a diversion with sounds and fundamentally “harassing the viewers”.

The show will be performed from 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm in the galleries of the IMMA. This promises to be a real party and artistic evening rolled into one.

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