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Irish Garden Bird Survey will be starting on Monday the 4th of December!

The birds are returning to gardens across the country in search of food to get them through the winter.Now is the time to stock up bird feeders and prepare yourself for BirdWatch Ireland’s annual Irish Garden Bird Survey.

To quote their blog “the Garden Bird survey is a great way to really get to grips with what birds are using your garden over the mid-winter period. All you have to do is record the highest number of each species you see in your garden each week. So if you see 3 Blue Tits one day, and 5 the next – then 5 is the number to record for that week. Then start fresh the following Monday! If you see one species in the first week, but not in the second week, leave the column blank for Week 2.”

The way the survey works is very straightforward…
“Between December and February each year, BirdWatch Ireland ask members of the public to keep note of the highest number of each bird species visiting their garden every week.  We also ask for information on the size of the garden being surveyed, the kinds of food, if any, being offered to the birds, and so on.  Taking part is fun, easy and an ideal way to get to know your garden birds better.”

There are two ways for you to send BirdWatch Ireland your records.  You may use our online version of the survey, allowing you to submit your records electronically and where you can also register your details.

If you prefer to work with paper, you can go to download and print out the form, fill it out over the course of the winter and return it to BirdWatch Ireland by post before 1st April 2018.

The survey begins on the 4th of December and continues weekly until the 26th February 2018.

To help you recognise the birds visiting your patch you can find the 20 most common Irish garden birds on this page

Putting out a bird feeder will make it easy to spot the birds visiting and keep them fed through the hard times of winter, but even if you don’t have a feeder just watching out your window and counting can provide useful information. You might think of setting up a friendly competition with your neighbour on who spots what!

Good luck and enjoy your bird watching.

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