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Ireland the Six Nations Champions

Scotland v Ireland - RBS Six Nations Championship 2015

Ireland the Six Nations Champions 21nd March 2015 by/Tony Gorman

Anthems sounding to a singing chorus
All decked out in their team’s attire
Awaiting for the referee’s whistle
With” A Soldier’s Song” setting the air on fire

As our valiant boys done us proud
As all the fans cried out aloud
Ireland, Ireland was their call
And the team they rallied just to show us all

Their strength it showed right from the start
Their passion breaking each Scotsman’s heart
With each attack the Thistle dwindled
As the fire of the Irish was stoked and rekindled

Until the Scot’s could play no part
To deter the surge of the Irish teams heart
And the score built up to set the trend
And bring the six nations to a victories end

And although the English closed the gap
The French they made their spirits snap
They fought to keep the points at bay
And turned the tide the Irish way

And once more our team has brought us glory
Another trophy that tells the story
Of the Irish teams spirit that did succeed
And fulfil their nations sporting need
To win the coveted Six Nations crown
And leave the runner’s up to rue and frown
And bring some unity to our land
Now let’s raise a glass to our gallant band

To each and every one of our Irish Team!!!!!! Long may they reign as Champions, Hip-hip-hooray.
And again for our Gallant Ladies who also brought us glory as Champions, Hip-hip-hooray.

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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    The French Alps Disaster 26th March 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    Was there a reason why?
    A plane could lose its course
    On a mountain range with peaks of snow
    So rugged and so coarse

    One hundred and fifty lives
    Lost upon a flight
    All planning things to say
    When arriving home that night

    A mechanical failure of the worse
    Falling from the sky above
    As no one had the time to say
    Goodbye to the ones they love

    As sadness fills the hearts
    Of their family and their friends
    All traumatized by what’s happened
    Of how all those lives could end

    But reasons never justify
    Or ease the hurtful pain
    Or bring their loved ones back again
    All excuses are in vain

    Was it too much stress from flying?
    Did the co-pilot make it stall?
    Was there pressure in the cabin?
    That caused the jet to fall?

    All questions that can’t be answered
    By the black box tape they found
    Or the investigators reasoning’s
    From the debris on the ground

    But the world looks on in sympathy
    And the prayers be said for all
    As their flight took a new direction
    Towards heaven at Gods call

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