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Ireland, Ireland, Together Standing Tall

Irish Rugby

Ireland, Ireland, Together Standing Tall 

Irish eyes were smiling with the English in despair
And the sounds around the Aviva was ringing in the air
Shoulder to shoulder we’ll answer Irelands call
And it was with true Irish courage that they made the English fall

With Saxton as our leader kicking penalties galore
And the tackles by his teammates leaving opponents bodies sore
And the supporters dressed in green singing the Fields of Athenry
And the cheering and the chanting that echoed off the sky

As Robbie Henshaw scored the try that brought the English to their knees
And even though they rallied we stood our ground with ease
It was Connor Murray’s box-kick that sent Henshaw on his way
To win the try to humiliate the opposition on the day

Joe Schmidt Irelands coach should be proud of all the team
As they fought like true warriors to present his ideal dream
And hopefully they’ll cement their names by their historic glories
And in the years to follow they’ll be part of folklore stories

But let’s applaud them for beating our adversary thought to be best
And for doing it with a lot of style filled with courage strength and zest
As they united all of Ireland and left us feeling proud
Singing Irelands Call together and in one voice we sang aloud

May we wish Jamie Heaslip and all those who incurred any injuries a speedy recovery.
Many Thanks, to the coach Joe Schmidt and all his backroom staff and to all the team.
McGrath, Best, Bowe, Kearney, Murphy, Zebo, Moore, O’Brian, Toner, O’Mahony Ross, Sexton, Henshaw, O’ Connell, Payne
Long may you strike fear in your opposition and continue your winning ways.

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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    Wakes v Ireland/Six Nation’s Clash on the 14th of March by/Tony Gorman

    The leek against the shamrock
    The dragon against the slayer
    All warriors in an arena
    A battle so tough but so fair

    The supporters all dressed for the occasion
    In their colours of red and of green
    And that walk to the Millennium stadium
    Will be a truly hypnotic scene

    As the band strikes up both teams Anthem’s
    And the supporters sing aloud in one voice
    And a silence will follow the singing
    As Wales take the kick off by choice

    Two great kickers will be on show there
    One in green and the other in red
    Jonathan Saxon leading for Ireland
    And George North doesn’t miss much it’s said

    And the scrums are all pumped up with muscle
    As they try to win the battles of power
    Against the head which team will waver?
    For they’ve practiced this hour after hour

    And the line outs will gain them advantage
    As the rolling maul heads towards the line
    And a break and a lunge will be needed
    Then the referee calls out “the try’s fine”

    Then we’ll hold our breath for the conversion
    As the kicker views the posts that’s ahead
    And he’ll run and he’ll kick with precision
    And the cheer will be for green or for red

    We’ll remember the overall outcome
    For both teams they will never give way
    And the story will be of mistakes made
    Handing glory to the winner’s that day

    And our spirits will be up in the clouds
    Like the garryown kicking of height
    And we hope it’s the greens that prevail
    To start our Patricks Day celebrations that night


    “Come on you Greens”
    May the luck of the shamrock be with you as I’m sure St Patrick will be neutral on the day.

  2. Tony Gorman says:

    Hi Eoghan
    Woops I made another mistake in the name of the poem, somehow a k got into Wales.
    Hope you can correct it.
    I think I need to go to specksavers.
    Many thanks’

  3. Admin says:

    No Worries Tony!

  4. Tony Gorman says:

    Paul O’Connell’s Farewell 16th October 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    A warrior of our battles
    And glories of the past
    For helping Ireland’s Rugby
    O’Connell’s name will last

    He stood his ground so gallantly
    A gentleman of the sport
    He tackled all fearlessly
    And in fairness a real sort

    A role model to his teammates
    A true leader of his day
    His pains were shelved on the field
    He showed a warrior’s way

    In tackles he was fearsome
    In lineouts had safe hand’s
    And his courage never lacking
    He was loved by Irish fans

    He has shown the way for others
    To tread that path’s he tread
    And bring Ireland hope and glory
    When all is done and said

    Best wishes to Paul O’Connell and may we thank you for giving us so much excitement over the years.

  5. Admin says:

    It broke all hearts when we heard the news, very fitting tribute. Thanks Tony

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