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Harry Redknapp’s Abba Song


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Harry Redknapp’s Abba Song 

Can you hear the news Fernandes
Harry Redknapp’s jumping ship once more
Did you see it coming? Fernandes
Like he did at Tottenham
And all his other clubs before
Or did you think that he’d stay here for evermore?

There was something in the air last night
That wasn’t right Fernandes
When he rang you on your telephone
Was he on his own? Fernandes
Or was he setting up another deal that he’d sign and seal
The supporters knew it had to end when he couldn’t spend, Fernandes

There’s new hope at QPR now, Fernandes
Since the news it filtered down the line
Les Ferdinand will bring back winning ways, Fernandes
No relegation and no worries you’ll be fine
And the loss of Harry will soon be off your mind

There is something in the air tonight?
Is Harry’s pay off right, Fernandes?
Will the tax man get his share?
Of Harry’s pay off there, Fernandes
Or will he give it to his dog? We’ll never know
If you had to do it all again would you hire your friend, Fernandes

I thought some of our football fans back home would enjoy this.
As Shakespeare would say “Harry’s knee or not his knee that is the question?”

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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    Cupid’s Entrapment/Endless Love 9th February 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    What beauty can a life behold?
    That can suppress a ladies shape
    Those curves of softened flesh unfold
    As luscious as a seedless grape

    Those lips of red like ageless wine
    To grace a mouth so kissable
    When parted show a radiant smile
    Pray a kiss may be permissible

    Voluptuous in every way
    Aroused by just being near
    Coaxing loving words to say
    Excited by the words she’ll hear

    And into night a beating heart
    As skin to skin will gently touch
    Never wanting to be torn apart
    Our holding back can be too much

    As true feeling they will surely tell
    And reach the heights of no return
    As rampant bodies grind and gel
    And fires inside will churn and burn

    And seeds of life will flow so free
    As motion rhythms will reach its height
    And shudder’s lastingly as by decree
    Into the lovingness of night

    And sleep with loving arms entwined
    Protective of the one we hold
    As whispered loving words we find
    A cast of love within a mould

    And raptures of that very night
    Will be with us within our heart
    And bind us to a love so right
    That entwines us so we’ll never part

    As its Valentine’s Day this weekend I felt I needed to write a poem for all our romantics who look in at the site.
    Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

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