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First Snow of Winter


First Snow of Winter 4th March 2016 by/Tony Gorman

I watched the first snowflake’s fall gently in the breeze
And slowly build on branches as they settled in the trees
Creating a white outline on those branches big and small
And artistically crown the mountain peaks like a picture on a wall

They gathered on the hedgerow like the icing on a cake
And covered over all the ground around the icy lake
Creating a beautiful winter scene across the countryside
Like a heavenly foam carried by breeze upon an airborne tide

It brought the children out to play throwing snowballs everywhere
Ignoring chills to hands and feet from the northern breeze they share
As some snowmen stand in gardens built with a lot of care
With a carrot fixed as a nose and button eyes that stare

And sleighs filled with laughing kids as they slide down on the hills
Never worrying of how cold it gets from the freezing winter’s chills
They’ll enjoy the time the snow is here in all the games they play
For tomorrow their snowman will pack his bags and slowly melt away

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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    A Gift of Nature

    Wild seeds blowing to places unknown
    Into nooks and cranny’s all hidden and sown
    Across fields and in margins around the grass verge
    And in time pushing up as their small buds emerge

    Bringing lifeform some nourishment to survive every day
    From the tiniest of insects making nest’s in the clay
    To the bees and the butterflies that rest on the blooms
    And the spider spinning web’s with legs working like looms

    And across the barren wasteland like parachutes they fly
    The dandelion seeds as they blow in the sky
    They sail down in gardens and meadows and leas
    To be nature’s decoration that’s inspired by a breeze

    And the woodland with a carpet of beauty fulfilled
    Of bluebells with petals blowing gently like frills
    And the daffodils show when the winter expires
    Drawing up from the ground by the sun heated fires

    And into the darkness the fungi will grow
    Some darkish in colour some white as the snow
    And the worms from the soil will eat the dead leaves
    As the process of nature is nobody grieves

    For all has a purpose in life’s resolution
    That nothing is wasted when there’s a solution
    For under the skies we have all we desire
    By the beauty we see that was set to inspire

    We all feel the benefit when spring comes our way as we take a lesson from nature to make an effort in getting out and enjoying the beauty that surrounds us.

  2. Admin says:

    Thank you Tony

    Finally, getting the sun here, Spring as arrived just in time for Summer!

    All the best


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