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Film Reviews – Resident Evil Afterlife & The Expendables

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Resident Evil Afterlife
Runtime: 100mins
Genre: Cult/Horror/action
Starring: Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Wentworth Miller

The long awaited fourth instalment of the resident evil saga. This movie is a definite must see for any zombie lover. Based on the poplar computer games by Capcom, this is the first zombie film of the new 3D wave. The movie begins in a haze of action. Alice played by Milla Jovovich returns once again and is fighting for the survival of the human race. Alice searches for Arcadia which is a haven free from the T-virus infection, it is believed all human survivors are seeking refuge there. She finds herself holding up in an abandoned prison with a small group of survivors. But are the walls of the prison strong enough to keep the zombies and other creatures out? And where is arcadia? Only one way to find out. Lots of action. Wonderful 3D effects. Very visually satisfying. Although not enough Zombie action in my opinion. This movie is sure keep you jumping out of your seat. Maximum use of 3D effects. If you have never seen any of the resident evil movies I would strongly recommend checking them out. A must see for any horror fan. Be sure to hang around for the end credits (hint).

The Expendables
Runtime: 103mins
Genre: Action
Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Jet li, Dolph Lundgren, with a cameo of Arnold Schwarzenegger

All your favorite Veteran stars come together to do what they do best. This film has an uncomplicated plot. A group of highly skilled mercenaries are sent on a mission to assassinate a deranged dictator of a small South American island. Plenty of action. No brain power required, simply sit back and enjoy. Stallone did a stellar job in assembling such a fine cast of A-list action stars. This is a must see for die hard action fans.

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